Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2023: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Shayari & Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Narak Chaturdashi Wishes
Narak Chaturdashi Wishes

The festival of Diwali brings happiness and positivity to our lives. This is an auspicious festival for the Hindus that brings everyone together.

Narak Chaturdashi which is also popularly known as Choti Diwali comes one day before Diwali. This particular festival is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country.

This year Narak Chaturdashi will be celebrated on 12th November, the same day as Diwali.

Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2023: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Shayari & Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Narak Chaturdashi Wishes
Narak Chaturdashi Wishes

Naraka Chaturdashi Wishes


How digital Narak Chaturdashi wishes are better than traditional wishes?

Narak Chaturdashi Messages

Digital Narak Chaturdashi wishes include messages, images, GIFs, photos, and memes. You can easily find them online for free. However, many of you prefer traditional style wishing like greeting each other in person or over a phone call.

No doubt the traditional way of wishing has a different charm about it. But given the busy lifestyle we all lead, we don’t have the time to meet everyone in person or wish everyone individually over the phone. This is why sending Narak Chaturdashi messages over texts is a better option.

When sending Narak Chaturdashi wishes over text, you can simply create a broadcast list and send the same message to everyone in one go. There is no need for you to wish everyone individually.

You can also upload a Narak Chaturdashi status in your WhatsApp story. This way you can wish everyone on your list at once. In this case, you don’t even have to create a broadcast list.

Dhanteras Collection:

Naraka Chaturdashi Messages

Sending Narak Chaturdashi wishes online over messaging apps and social media is more convenient and time-saving. This also allows you to wish people who are away from you. Also, you should keep the Covid-19 pandemic in mind. This year it is better to wish everyone online by sending Narak Chaturdashi quotes and messages than to visit them personally. This is important for everyone’s safety.

The victory of good over evil
The celebration of courage too
May this Narak Chaturdashi bring
Nothing but the best for you.
Have a festive day.

Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2023: Wishes & Messages

Narak Chaturdashi Wishes

Diwali ka ye pyara tyohaar, jeevan mein laaye khushiyan appr, Mata laxmi viraje aapke dwaar, sabhi kaamna aapki kare sweekaar. Happy Choti Diwali 2023.

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Where can you find Narak Chaturdashi’s wishes?

Happy Narak Chaturdashi Wishes

You can find a massive collection of Narak Chaturdashi wishes online. All you have to do is Google it and then go to the image search results page. There you can find tons of images related to the festival.

You can also visit the websites on the results page and find HD quality images, quotes, and messages. The best thing about this is that all these wishes are available for free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download them. This means you can download as many as you want without any worries.

Narak Chaturdashi is just about to arrive. Keep yourself and everyone safe by sending wishes online. You can find plenty of Narak Chaturdashi wishes and images on the internet.

Pooja se bhari thaali hai
Chaaro oor khushhaali hai
Aao milke manaye ye din
Aaj Choti Diwali hai.
Aaoko aur aapke parivaar ko
Dheron shubhkaamnaayein.

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Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2023: Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Narak Chaturdashi Status


Narak Chaturdashi Status

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Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2023: Shayari & Poems

Narak Chaturdashi Shayari

Diyo se sang
Khushion ke rang
Ho jaaye malang
Leke nayi umang
Narak Chaturdashi ki dheron shubhkaamnaayein.

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How to send Narak Chaturdashi wishes to others?

Narak Chaturdashi Messages
Narak Chaturdashi Messages

Every year the celebration of Narak Chaturdashi starts with greeting family members and friends. Instead of sending plain text, you can come up with something creative like Narak Chaturdashi poems, Shayari, images, etc. This will help you to be more expressive and also show your enthusiasm regarding the occasion.

Nowadays, people wish each other through digital media. There are so many options to choose from.

  • You can send wishes over WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other instant chatting app.
  • You can upload or share Narak Chaturdashi’s status on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This allows you to wish all your friends and followers at once.
  • Those of you who have a long WhatsApp contact list can either send wishes using the broadcast option. Or you can simply put up a status wishing everyone at once. This will spare you from the trouble of wishing everyone individually.

Are Narak Chaturdashi wishes free?

Narak Chaturdashi images

You can find Narak Chaturdashi wishes on the internet and most of them are available free of cost. But some of the websites may ask you to sign-up before giving you access to the collection of wishes. Usually, these websites are free, so you don’t have to spend any money.

Narak Chaturdashi 2023 Images


What is the other name of Narak Chaturdashi?

Narak Chaturdashi is also called Choti Diwali 2023. 

What is the significance of this day?

This day is celebrated to shoo away laziness from one’s life and pray for their past sins to be forgiven by God.