Happy Dhanteras 2023: Dhanatrayodashi Status, Shayari, Poems & Whatsapp Video Status to Update Story on 23 October

Happy Dhanteras Status

Dhanteras marks the arrival of Diwali, the festival of lights. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 2 November. There are enough myths and stories associated with this day.

On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, people buy new things, especially precious metals like gold and silver. It is believed that conducting Dhanteras puja will help increase wealth in the family.

Dhanteras is an important Hindu festival that is celebrated with friends and family. People have the ritual of wishing each other happy Dhanteras. If you want to do something more creative this time, then we have all the right ideas for you.

Happy Dhanteras Status
Happy Dhanteras Status

Happy Dhanteras 2023: Status, Shayari, Poems & Whatsapp Video Status to Update Story on 2 November

Happy Dhanteras Status

Wishing Happy Dhanteras: Shayari Style

Dhanteras Status

Every year you just send a simple happy Dhanteras message to everyone. Why not try something new this year? If you want to be more creative while wishing people happy Dhanteras, then using Shayari would be a great idea.

No, we are not asking you to write shayaris on your own. We know that’s too much of a task. But you can always download Dhanteras shayari on the net. You will find plenty of shayaris especially written for the occasion of Dhanteras.

These shayaris are written by people like you and me. You see not everybody possesses the skill of good writing. So it’s better to download some Dhanteras Shayari from the net.

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Happy Dhanteras 2023: Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Dhanteras Status for Whatsapp

“Warm wishes on auspicious occasion of Dhanteras to you…. May Lord Kuber shower you with wealth and prosperity for a beautiful life.”


“Make it a memorable Dhanteras by buying gold and silver and celebrating the auspicious occasion with your loved ones.”

Happy Dhanteras 2023 Status
Happy Dhanteras 2023 Status

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Dhanteras Video Status for Whatsapp

Dhanteras Status for Whatsapp
Dhanteras Status for Whatsapp

Wishing every one individually can be a huge task. But luckily, we have a better option now. You can download a Dhanteras WhatsApp Video Status online and set it as your WhatsApp status. This way you don’t have to wish everyone individually on your list.

They can simply check your WhatsApp status and know that you are celebrating Dhanteras. To make it more obvious, you can add a caption with the Dhanteras status you upload.

You can upload the same video status on your other social media platforms too. For instance, you can upload it on Facebook and wish all your Facebook friends at once.

When you wish people happy Dhanteras, happiness becomes double as they wish you back. This is a ritual that is followed by the time people are celebrating this festival. The only thing that has changed is the way of wishing.

“On the occasion of Dhanteras, may each and every day of your life be bright and blessed by Lord Dhanvantri…. Warm wishes on Dhanteras to all.”


“Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras to everyone…. May the blessings of Lord Kuber and Lord Dhanvantri are showered on you always.”

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Happy Dhanteras 2023: Short & 2 Line Status in Hindi & English

Dhanteras Whatsapp Status

“May Lord Kuber walk into your house and bring along eternal happiness and prosperity to bless your life…. Wishing a very Happy Dhanteras to everyone.”


“On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, I wish you are showered with the best of the blessings of Lord Kuber and Lord Dhanvantri. Happy Dhanteras to you.”

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Dhanatrayodashi Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Dhanatrayodashi Status

Why sending Dhanteras wishes online is better than physically visiting them?

Happy Dhanteras Poems

Many of you have the ritual of going to your relative’s place to wish them and celebrate the festival together. Well, that sounds exciting. But for this year, you should be avoiding it. With the pandemic still going on, it’s better to send wishes online.

Instead of visiting each other’s houses, you can conduct a video conference. Celebrating the festival together is important, regardless of where you are. It is important to keep everyone safe and the best way to do so is to send online wishes.

Dhanteras is just about to arrive. Everyone has already started making preparations. Along with cleaning your house and buying new stuff this Dhanteras make sure you get your wishes ready. The joy of any festival becomes double when you celebrate it with others.

“May the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras bring along the happiness and health in your life…. Wishing you a warm and wonderful Dhanteras 2023.”


“Dhanteras is the festive occasion to pray to lord to bless us with the goodness of health and wealth. Praying for both for you and wishing you Happy Dhanteras 2023.”

Happy Dhanteras 2023: Shayari & Poems in Hindi

Happy Dhanteras Shayari

लक्ष्मी जी की कृपा
आप पर और आपके समस्त परिवार
पर बनी रहे.
धनतेरस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

Happy Dhanteras Shayari in hindi

धनतेरस का शुभ दिवस आला,
सबके लिए नवीन खुशया आणले,
लक्ष्मी गणेश विराजे आपले घर
आणि सदा आप पे सुख सुखो की छाया ||
धनतेरस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये


Laxmi devi ka noor aapke upar barse,
har koi apse loan lene ko tarse,
Bhagvan aapko de THELE bhar bhar ke paise,
ki aap chiller pane ko tarse.
Happy DHANTERAS 2023



Dinodin bade apki salary or karobaar
Laye dilo mein sneh umang aur pyar
Aaj ke din pao aap dhero uphaar,
Mubarak ho apko dhanteras ka tyohaar

Happy Dhanteras

Happy Dhanteras 2023 Shayari
Happy Dhanteras 2023 Shayari

Khoobb meethe meethe pakwan khaye,
Sehat me char chand lagaye,
Log to sirf chand par gaye hai
Aap us se bhi upar jaye..
Happy Dhanteras 2023….!!


Sone ka rath,
Chandi ki palki
Baith kar jisme hai Maa Laxmi aayi
Dene aapko or aapke pariwar ko
Dhanteras ki bhadhai.
Happy Dhanteras 2023!

Happy Dhanteras 2023: Shayari for Wife & Husband

Happy Dhanteras Shayari for Wife & Husband

घर को सजाये हैं,
माँ लक्ष्मी को बुलाये हैं,
जब माँ लक्ष्मी आएँगी
सुख-शांति-समृद्धि साथ लायेंगी.
Happy Dhanteras 2023


धनतेरस का त्यौहार जब आता हैं,
सबके घर में खुशियाँ लाता है,
गरीब हो या राजा इस दिन
घर में कुछ नया खरीदकर जरूर लाता है.
धनतेरस की बधाई

Happy Dhanteras 2023: Shayari for Lovers

Happy Dhanteras Shayari For Lovers

आपके घर में धन की बरसात हो,
लक्ष्मी माता का वास हो,
संकटों का नाश हो,
सुख और शांति का वास हो.
Happy Dhanteras 2023

What can you do with Dhanteras status?

Dhanteras Status
Dhanteras Status

The internet is flooded with different types of Dhanteras status. From videos to images, shayaris to poems, you can find a large variety of statuses for Dhanteras.

Usually, we download Dhanteras statuses from the internet to send them to friends, family, and people we know. But you can do more than just forward these statuses to others. Here are some great ideas to use Dhanteras statuses:

  • Share/upload it on a social media platform

You can share Dhanteras statuses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platforms you use. This is a good way of wishing Happy Dhanteras to people on your friend list.

  • Take print outs

You can take printouts of Dhanteras images, poems, and shayaris and turn them into cards. Now the question is what to these cards? Well, you can send these homemade cards to your family members and friends. Instead of just forwarding WhatsApp texts, you can do something creative like this. This will help you to express your feelings and enthusiasm about the occasion. Not just that, but people will also appreciate the effort that you have put in.

You can download as many statuses as you want online as most of them are free.

Happy Dhanteras 2023: Shayari for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Dhanteras Shayari for Girlfriend & Boyfriend
Dhanteras Shayari for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

धन-धान्य भरी है धनतेरस,
धनतेरस का दिन है बड़ा ही मुबारक,
माता लक्ष्मी है इस दिन की संचालक,
आओ मिल करे पूजन उनका,
जो हैं जीवन की उद्वारक.
हैप्पी धनतेरस


माँ लक्ष्मी देने आशीर्वाद आयें,
सुख समृद्धि साथ अपने लायें,
खुशियाँ बस जाए जीवन में आपके
और दुःख का कोई एहसास भी ना आये.
Happy Dhanteras 2023


Who writes Dhanteras sharayis?

All the Dhanteras shayeris you find on the web are written by skilled writers, especially for the occasion.

Is it free to download Dhanteras video statuses?

You can find plenty of websites offering Dhanteras video statuses for free. This means you can download as many as you want.