El Dragon Season 3: The Clamour for a 3rd Season Continues

El Dragon Season 3

Fans have been waiting anxiously and excitedly for a 3rd season of the beloved Spanish crime thriller, El Dragon. First released in the year of 2019, the show was renewed for a second time owing to its huge popularity. Now it’s high time that Netflix and the creators of El Dragon come up with an official announcement regarding a possible El Dragon. 

Given that you are reading these lines, it may be safely assumed that you are an anxious fan looking for even the tiniest of hints regarding El Dragon season 3. With a few scrolls down you can get all the information you could need regarding updates on El Dragon season 3. Keep reading. 

What is the release date of El Dragon season 3?

El Dragon Season 3 is going to be released sometime in 2023 or in the first half of 2024. This is only an approximation. This is a guess that has been informed via various hints dropped by the creators of the show and the host platform.

As of now, no official news has been confirmed by Netflix or the creators of the show. The fans are very excited about a third season of El Dragon and not without proper reason. Keep reading and find out the plotlines that El Dragon could be dealing with in El Dragon Season 3. 

What is the plot of El Dragon season 3?

Following the capo incident, Miguel is enrolled at a university that is nowhere near Mexico. With time Miguel becomes a wealthy businessman as well. However, skip 20 years later, Miguel receives a call from Dora, his grandfather’s wife. She calls Miguel home on an urgent basis.

The first season of El Dragon shows Miguel coming to know of his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s illness when he comes back to Mexico. At the same time, he is also given the chance to add the union. He must come to some search of a regarding the company.

A lot more crime and drama await the audience in El Dragon season 3. Season 3 would also expand on Miguel’s dilemma of taking care of the company or going back to his initial life of peace. 

Who would be in the cast of El Dragon season 3?

Since no trailer for the 3rd season of El Dragon has been released yet, it becomes a bit difficult to speculate on a potential cast list. The usual and recurring faces will of course be there but at the same time, you never know when and where there might be new characters approaching the show. Here is a list of the recurring characters and the actors who play them. 

  • Sebastián Rulli as Miguel Garza
  • Irina Baeva as Jimena Otriz
  • Cassandra Sanchez Navarro as Chisca Garza
  • Manuel Balbi as Hector Bernal 
  • Javier Gómez as Carlos Duarte
  • Alejandro vila as inspector Toledo
  • Kenia Castro as Sofa Castro
  • Juan Pablo Gil as Jorge Garza
  • Alex Durán as Ishiro Tanaka
  • Mauricio Pimentel as 
  • Peligros Edison Ruz as Tacho
  • Natasha Domnguez as Claudia
  • Gabriela Carrillo as Edna Gonzalez
  • Rubén Sanz as Valentn Soria
  • Cynthia Klitbo as Dora Garza
  • José Elas Moreno as Lamberto Garza
  • Denia Agalianu as Karina Grishenko
  • Alejandro Naranjo as Vladimir
  • Rodrigo Massa as Piero Scarinci
  • Sergio Recio Montes as Canelo
  • Daniel Elbittar as Víctor


Directed and created by Arturo Parez, El Dragon is easily one of the top shows to watch when it comes to crime thrillers. It is expected that the makers of the show will soon be releasing a third season of El Dragon. The 3rd season, whenever it is released, is likely to live up to the expectations of the fans and meet the benchmark it has set for itself. 


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