My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2 – Still A Possibility?

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2

“My First Girlfriend is a Gal,” a hilarious romantic comedy anime, left fans wanting more after its single season ended in 2017. The series follows the awkward yet relatable Junichi Hashiba, who stumbles into a relationship with the bold and flamboyant Yukana Yame.

Their journey, filled with misunderstandings, cultural clashes, and hilarious situations, resonated with viewers who craved a fresh take on the high school romance genre. 

But will this unconventional couple return for another season? Let’s delve into the possibilities surrounding “My First Girlfriend is a Gal” Season 2.

When is My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2 Releasing?

The first season aired in 2017, followed by an OVA (Original Video Animation) in December of the same year. This lack of official confirmation leaves fans in a state of hopeful anticipation. There are two sides to the coin. 

On the positive side, the manga series, which serves as the source material, has enough content for another season. However, the anime’s reception was somewhat mixed, with some praising its humor and others finding it repetitive. 

Additionally, the studio behind the first season, Studio TMS Entertainment, hasn’t shown any signs of revisiting the series. While there’s no confirmed release date, there’s always a chance for a surprise announcement.

That said, while you are here waiting for a new season, we recommend that you go out of your way and finish watching the first season.

What can we expect from My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2?

If a second season were to happen, it would likely pick up where the first season left off. Junichi and Yukana’s relationship would undoubtedly continue to be the central focus, with their awkward encounters and hilarious misunderstandings providing the comedic core. 

We might see them navigate new challenges, like school festivals, summer vacations, or even the complexities of first love. The presence of other girls who harbor feelings for Junichi, such as his childhood friend Nene Fujinoki and Yukana’s gal friend Ranko Honjo, could also be explored further. 

Their interactions with Junichi and Yukana could lead to even more comedic situations and potential romantic entanglements. The arrival of new characters or the further development of existing side characters could also add fresh dynamics to the story. 

Perhaps Junichi’s friends, who initially pushed him into the relationship, might face their romantic struggles, creating a more well-rounded cast. There seem to be a lot of unexpected twists and turns along the way, so if the show is expected to return with a sequel, we can be assured that it will return with a bang and some amazing storyline along the way.

Who is returning to My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2?

When the show is finalized for a sequel, it will return with the following cast members:

  • Morgan Garrett as Ranko Honjō 
  • Alison Viktorin as Yui Kashī 
  • Alejandro Saab as Junichi Hashiba 
  • Brad Smeaton as Shinpei Sakamoto 
  • Brittany Lauda as Nene Fujinoki 
  • Kristin Sutton
  • Jamie Marchi as Yukana Yame 
  • Minoru Shiraishi as Minoru Kobayakawa


When did My First Girlfriend is a Gal first air?

The anime first aired in 2017, with the season concluding the same year. An OVA was also released in December 2017.

What could happen in My First Girlfriend Season 2?

If a second season happens, it will likely focus on Junichi and Yukana’s relationship. Viewers might see them navigate new challenges like school festivals, summer vacations, and the complexities of first love.

Who are the main characters in My First Girlfriend is a Gal?

The main characters are Junichi Hashiba, the awkward high school student, and Yukana Yame, his bold and flamboyant girlfriend. Other significant characters include Ranko Honjo, Shinpei Sakamoto, Nene Fujinoki, and Yui Kashii.