Murderville Season 2 – Will There Be a Second Season?

Murderville Season 2

The brilliantly bizarre improv murder mystery “Murderville” caught people’s attention with its blend of scripted chaos and celebrity guest stars cluelessly stumbling through hilarious investigations, something that you usually wouldn’t expect out of a murder mystery.

With the first season successfully wrapping up, there seems to be very little information available concerning the second season of Murderville. Will it be renewed? Will the characters make a comeback?

To be fair, a lot of the things are left unsaid, so we have brought along everything we could find about Murderville Season 2 and its release.

When is Murderville Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of Murderville premiered on Netflix on February 02, 2022. So, it has been two years since its release. With Netflix being quite prompt with their renewals, for the network to have dragged out the renewal of the show seems quite upsetting.

With the uncertainty surrounding the release of Murderville Season 2, most of the fans have been curious to know what’s going to happen. Will they end up canceling the show? Are the creators talking about bringing back the show with a new season? There’s a lot that has been left unanswered.

However, Netflix is not one to cancel a show without warning or official confirmation. So, since that hasn’t been done, we can hope that Murderville will be renewed for a new season sometime in the future. 

Considering the success of the first season and the recent Christmas special, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we ended up getting a release date in 2025.

What can we expect from Murderville Season 2?

The core concept of “Murderville” thrives on its unpredictable nature. Each episode throws a new murder scenario at the hapless celebrity guest star, forcing them to rely on their improv skills and Detective Terry Seattle’s (Will Arnett) sometimes questionable guidance. 

Season 2 can be expected to deliver more of the same: outlandish murder victims, bizarre clues, and guest stars hilariously failing upwards (or downwards) in their detective work. The show’s comedic genius lies in the guest stars’ complete lack of knowledge about the case. 

They’re fed a basic outline of their character and the murder victim just before filming begins. The rest? Pure improv gold. We can anticipate a fresh batch of celebrity detectives grappling with ridiculous situations, nonsensical suspects, and Detective Seattle’s increasingly exasperated yet strangely endearing leadership.

To be fair, the first season did leave things up for speculation abruptly, so we can remain hopeful that the second season will likely pick up from where they ended things in the first season. So, if you haven’t watched the first season yet, do so before the second season is here, it is time to catch up.

Who will return to Murderville Season 2?

If you are curious about the cast and line-up that would be in the second season, you aren’t the only one around. The second season will return with the main cast, including:

  • Will Arnett as Detective Terry Seattle
  • Haneefah Wood as Captain Connie Conners
  • Lilan Bowden and Phillip Smithey as Seattle’s trusty detectives


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