Mr. Beast Net Worth in 2023 – Early Life and Kickstarting his Career

Mr. Beast Net Worth

If you are an avid YouTube viewer, chances are that you don’t need an introduction as to who Mr. Beast is. Known for his larger-than-life videos and philanthropic activities, Mr. Beast is currently one of the most viewed YouTubers on the platform.

With the kind of outrageous videos that Mr. Beast makes on this channel, it isn’t surprising that people are often out there confused about his net worth and how he manages to splurge such high budgets on his videos.

This article will explore everything you potentially need to know about Mr. Beast, his rise to fame, his personal life, and his net worth.

Early Life and Kickstarting his Career

Mr. Beast or Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 07, 1998, in Greenville, North Carolina. Although not much information is available about his early life, it is believed that he attended the Greenville Christian Academy, where he graduated in 2016.

In several interviews, Jimmy reported that he didn’t find studying to be his passion. He wasn’t completely engrossed in his education, which is why he started posting YouTube videos at the age of 12 under the user name “MrBeast6000”.

Following completing high school, Mr. Beast went on to attend college but soon dropped out to pursue YouTube full-time.

If you go on to watch his earlier YouTube videos, they mainly comprise video game commentary, reaction videos, and even a few comedy videos.

How did Mr. Beast’s Career Take Off?

If you thought that Mr. Beast managed to kick off his YouTube journey with a high horse, you’d be mistaken.

Instead, Jimmy’s first viral video was the video “counting to 100,000” in 2017, where he counted to 100,000 for 44 hours straight. The video went on to amass 21+ million views.

Seeing the initial kick to his viewership following that first viral video, Jimmy went on to create a similar video, where he counted to 200,000. He has posted similar, unconventional videos like that.

At present, Mr. Beast has 100+ million subscribers on the main channel, bringing him millions of viewers with each video that he posts. Most of his videos garner an average of 20 million views. Besides the official channel, Mr. Beast also has a few side channels dedicated to gaming, reaction videos, and translated video channels in different languages.

Besides amassing billions in views, Mr. Beast has also gone on to win a series of awards for his videos, his work, and his philanthropy as well.

What do we know about Budgets and Expenditures?

If you watch any of the Mr. Beast videos, you will often find him giving away thousands of dollars in cash, in terms of housing, and in one of his recent videos, he even gave one of his subscribers an island just to himself.

All of this has sparked one question in the minds of people, “How much does Mr. Beast spend per video?”

If you are sitting there confused about the same, let us clarify your doubts. Mr. Beast has confirmed in a few of his recent interviews and podcast interviews that he has an outrageous budget for his videos.

Some of his videos even cost him millions of dollars, as high as 3 million dollars. He reported that in August 2020, he spent close to $3 million on a single video but managed to make a bang for the buck because he had sponsorships that were included in the video to make a profit.

How much does Mr. Beast Earn Monthly?

Many people have this misconception that Mr. Beast is only a YouTuber. What you fail to realize is that Jimmy is a businessman.

Not only does he have a monthly income via YouTube’s ad revenue, but he also does brand sponsorships, which fetch him deals worth millions.

Besides that, he is also the founder of Beast Chocolate and his chain of a cloud burger joint, which fetches him a good chunk of money annually. Mr. Beast also sells merchandise, which contributes to his monthly earnings.

What is the net worth of Mr. Beast?

According to reports, Mr. Beast has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Given his diverse sources of income, it is difficult to confirm the exact numbers. However, you can be assured that $100 million doesn’t even cover the bases.

Besides having a steady source of income, what’s great about Mr. Beast is the fact that he has a separate philanthropy charity where he helps millions of people with food, shelter, and necessities.


Despite being quite popular and having so much money, Mr. Beast or Jimmy is one of the humblest people on Earth. His videos garner millions in views and he has managed to score a lot of money but he also gives back through his videos, which is a reason enough to appreciate and applaud the man. If you were confused about his net worth, we hope this answers it all.