Monique Watson Found Alive – What Is the Truth Behind the Disappearance?

Monique Watson Found Alive

There are often when we watch the news on the television that leaves us confused at the same time. Monique Watson’s sudden disappearance was one of those cases that people simply couldn’t accept.

Ever since her disappearance in December 2009, her family and friends have been relentless in looking for her traces and trying to make sense of what went wrong that led to her sudden disappearance.

New rumors suggest that Monique Watson was found alive and we will discuss all the truth behind the case.

Who is Monique Watson?

Monique Watson became a national sensation when she disappeared in 2009. During that time, Monique was 19 years old and was pursuing her college education.

Since situations surrounding her name appeared to be quite hostile, nothing in-depth about her identity has been revealed.

When did Monique Watson Disappear?

According to the official news that was published, Monique disappeared out of the blue on December 09, 2009. 

The last traces of her were found on December 08, 2009, when she was found studying with her friends at their local college library. With the live camera footage, the authorities witnessed Monique stepping inside her car after her study session.

The next day, her car was found abandoned in a remote area on the highway, which led to suspicions of foul play. Although the police were involved in the case to find out what could have gone wrong, they couldn’t find any insights about Monique.

When the news about Monique’s disappearance was publicized and people were asked to report if they saw something amiss, a lot of theories and speculations started about her sudden appearance. Some believe that she might have been abducted or she might have been a victim of hit and run case.

Some people also believe that it could have been a case where she ran away on her own. Since then, her family and friends have been on the search for her but nothing has been found about her disappearance, which has left the people confused about what might have happened.

What is the result of the Search Operation?

Ever since her disappearance, her family and friends have been relentlessly looking for her and looking for clues to find what could have happened to her.

One of the most common places people have searched for her is around the college campus and also between the stretch from her home to the college and the highway where her car was abandoned. Some of the volunteers and even police have started looking for her through vigils and fundraisers to get a better understanding of what could have gone wrong.


Monique Watson and her disappearance sparked a lot of controversies among the people in the nation, who are wondering what could have happened to the college girl. People have also questioned the safety of girls in the country. Some recent reports have suggested that Monique was most likely found alive but further news hasn’t been confirmed on that.


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