Mircari Travel Vlog – Everything You Need to Know

Mircari Travel Vlog – Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of traveling and want to read a blog that’s inviting, comprehensive yet practical, the Mircari travel vlog is the one. Created and run by Sarah Turner, the travel vlog garners millions of viewers each month and is one of the most popular travel blogs you will come across.

Unless you are an avid traveler and inclined towards spots that explore similar subjects, we’d recommend exploring the Mircari travel vlog from the start till the end.

This article will explore all that you need to know about the Mircari Travel blog, its history, and its significance.

When did the Mircari travel blog start?

As we mentioned, the Mircari travel blog was started by Sarah Turner, whose goal was simple – to share her travel stories and her love for exploring the world.

Sarah started posting her travel journey, familiarizing her readers with new destinations, people, and cultures around the world. As her blog started gaining more and more traction, she started visiting some of the most untapped locations around the world.

Soon after, Sarah realized the power of the internet and started documenting her journey and sharing new tips with her recurring readers.

Why you should follow Mircari Travel Blog?

Now, the question comes down to one, “What sets apart the Mircari travel blog?” Following are a few reasons that explain it better:

1. Captivating and realistic travel stories

There are hundreds of travel blogs online, so what makes the Mircari travel blog stand out? Well, their realistic travel stories were the deal breaker.

Not only do the readers get to experience the true beauty of the places depicted in the blogs, but they also get a real and unfiltered travel story that makes it easier for people to plan things around. Many people have reported that the travel blog has ignited a sense of adventure in them.

2. Comprehensive guides and itinerary breakdown

Have you ever wanted a breakdown of the itinerary of a place that you wish to visit? If yes, the Mircari travel blog is the one you need to refer to. The blogs give you a breakdown of the different travel destinations, including the highs and lows and tips to get around.

From the bustling tourist spots to the underrated hidden gems, you get to explore it all when you refer to this blog.

3. Encouraging solo travel

Are you afraid of traveling by yourself? Mircari travel blog is the perfect dose of inspiration that you need in that case. From solo traveling hacks to safety measures concerning each spot that you visit, this blog has it all.

If you are worried about how to get around in a new country, city, or town, chances are that reading this blog will help you figure things out.


The Mircari travel blog is a sanctuary for every travel enthusiast. Think of it like a travel encyclopedia with authentic travel experiences all combined in one place. It’s enriching and in a way inspiring too, especially if you are considering embarking on a traveling journey by yourself.


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