Mike Season 2: What is the Confirmed Release Date?


It’s not every day that you come across a mini-series involving one of the world’s most popular boxers. Mike, which is an autobiographical mini-series revolving around the life of Mike Tyson has garnered a lot of attention following the release of the first season.

Available on Hulu, Mike was released with 8 episodes, each walking the audience through the life of Mike Tyson, his personal and professional ups and downs.

Mike Season 2

If you have been awaiting the release of Mike Season 2, this article will walk you through all the specifics of what you can expect.

What is the plot of Mike Season 2?

What is the plot of Mike Season 2

The first season of Mike walks the audience through a visual story of the kind of life that Mike Tyson led – both personally and professionally. The New York City backdrops, paired with the stunning cinematography took the audience’s breath.

What’s great about the show is the degree of realism it has maintained throughout. Taking inspiration from Mike Tyson’s autobiography, the show isn’t exaggerating in any way, which the audience appreciated.

What could potentially be the plot in the second season when it comes back is still a big question mark at this point.

When is Mike Season 2 Releasing?

When is Mike Season 2 Releasing

There is no official confirmation about the show’s release date and its availability. If you are planning to watch the second season, we’d have to say that the wait is going to be slightly longer.

However, the good news is that the rumors suggest that the production for the second season has already ended. We’d have to wait for the network and the producers to provide us with information about the official release date. 

What we’d recommend you do is keep an eye out on this space because we’ll update this with the latest information.

Who is in Mike Season 2?

Who is in Mike Season 2

Based on the cast that we had in the first season, we can expect the same cast to return in Mike Season 2 as well.

So, if you are inquisitive about who’d come back in the second season, the protagonists including Trevante Rhodes, Harvey Keitel, Russell Hornsby, Laura Harrier, etc. will return to the show.

  • Trevante Rhodes

Trevante Rhodes

  • Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel

  • Russell Hornsby

Russell Hornsby

  • Laura Harrier

Laura Harrier


There are a lot of speculations surrounding the release of Mike Season 2, so if you are anticipating news about its release, we’d recommend you wait a little bit longer. Once the official news is released by the team or network, we’ll update the same pretty much immediately.