McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars Update | Shark Tank Season 7

McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars Update | Shark Tank Season 7

The concept of “drinking vinegar” might sound quite offputting but McClary Bros. has a unique business plan in mind and they brought the same on the seventh season of Shark Tank. 

During their appearance on Shark Tank, the founder Jess Sanchez McClary brought out the colonial mixer and introduced their beverage company on Shark Tank, asking for $100,000 for 15%, which seemed like a very justified pitch.

With how unique the business model was, it isn’t surprising that the audience is quite curious to know where the business stands today. We discuss more on that in this article.

Shark Tank McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars Update

  • Entrepreneur – Jess Sanchez McClary
  • Business – Vinegar infused beverages
  • Ask – $100,000 for 15%
  • Result – No deals
  • Sharks – None

Jess, who seemed to be quite enthusiastic about her business idea and the business model in general, introduced the concept of shrub soda and their importance back in the Colonial times. She further described the composition of the drinks saying that the ingredients were organic.

Also, these beverages are designed to work by themselves or they can be used as mixers too. Jess also explained that given the health benefits, it is also a great replacement for the staple sodas that we are used to eating.

To further solidify her pitch, Jess gave out samples to the Sharks with hopes that the taste of the beverage would be enough to land her a good deal. After consuming the drinks without mixing and then mixing, the Sharks had some confusing takes on the drink.

The majority of the Sharks didn’t like the taste of the beverage by itself, which was the first red flag for them. However, Lori said that she liked when the drink was mixed, which seemed to be a positive thing.

Later, Jess laid out the finances behind the business saying that they have been in business for the past three years and have made $300,000+ in sales. Also, the price range for the bottles ranges between $18-$25.

Kevin O’Leary expressed his concerns about the vinegar being an important ingredient in the drink, saying that it would not appeal to the Americans. To that Jess confirmed that people did enjoy the mixers quite a lot.

Despite the uniqueness of the business model, the sharks decided to step down. Lori was the one that backed out first saying she didn’t see the potential in the business in the long run. Also, the sharks had concerns regarding the “health benefit claims” since there is no scientific evidence.

Soon after, all the sharks stepped out and Jess had to step out of the show without any deal. However, she didn’t let that stop her.

Later in 2016, McClary Bros. shifted to their facility but two years later in 2018, Jess had to close down the business due to the lack of revenue and profitability. At present, Jess is focused on promoting sustainable farming. You can’t purchase their vinegar-infused drinks in retail anymore.