Malika Haqq Has A Message For OT Genesis Regarding His Actions

Malika Haqq

When it comes to a pandemic, there are two types of people. One group that takes it seriously, while the second group of people who doesn’t consider it to be a big thing.

Recently, Malika Haqq passed a message for OT Genasis regarding his actions. To become a mother during this tough time is itself is scary. Giving birth to a child in a time like this means you have to take extra precautions to make sure that you are keeping your baby safe from the infection. You have to take all the steps to prevent the virus from entering your baby’s respiratory system. A new mother will go to every length to keep herself and her newborn baby safe.

OT Genesis has been going around in the streets and too many other places amid COVID-19. Not just that but he has also been a part of an event and protest as captured by Jasmine Brand.

Seeing the reckless attitude of OT Genesis, Malika posted on her Instagram account that if he is running in the streets and behave as if the virus doesn’t exist, then he will not see her or his baby. She uploaded this on her Instagram stories. From this straightforward message, we can very well figure out that she is talking about OT Genesis.

It seems like Malika is pissed with the rapper and that’s why she posted such a point-blank message for him.

After seeing her message on Instagram, users had to say a lot about it. They immediately started pouring in comments saying that she must not have got a text back from him in messages and that’s why she took to social media platform to get her message across him.

Another comment read, she cannot tame someone who doesn’t want to be tamed. She should have known this before.

The same person also asked Malika whether the rapper’s phone is switched off and that she should go tell him this herself.

another user highlighted the point that Malika is close to the Kardashian family who is busy jet setting in the past few months.

The comment read doesn’t Malika hang out with the Kardashians who go around everywhere, they travel, go to church, and have parties.

Malika didn’t respond to the comments that were put against her. Maybe the couple is having a rough time and that’s why she had to took to her social media platform to get his attention. No matter, what the case is OT Genesis should act like a responsible father. At the same time, Malika is also going around with people outside the family. So both of them are at fault, but somehow Malika is blaming the rapper.

With her Instagram story, she threatened the rapper that he wouldn’t get to meet her or his son if he didn’t stop going around. For now, this is what we know. We are not sure what’s going on between the two.


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