MacGruber Season 2 – What’s Next in Line for The Show?

MacGruber Season 2

MacGruber, the self-proclaimed special forces operative with a penchant for unconventional (and often hilarious) solutions, exploded back onto our screens in 2021 with a critically acclaimed Peacock series.

The show, a revival of the beloved Saturday Night Live sketch, brought back the original cast and its absurdist action-comedy charm. But, with the cliffhanger ending of season one, fans are left wondering if MacGruber will return for another explosive adventure?

Are you curious to unfold more details about MacGruber Season 2 as well? We will take you through the details.

When is MacGruber Season 2 Releasing?

The official word on a season two release date is frustratingly vague. While the show received positive reviews and a “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, its viewership numbers remain a mystery.

In a recent interview, Will Forte, the show’s creator and star, expressed enthusiasm for a second season, stating the writing team is ready to go. However, the decision ultimately lies with Peacock. They seem to have no concrete details regarding the show’s fate just yet.

Forte acknowledged the possibility of the show being a one-and-done affair but remains optimistic. So, although a lot of the things surrounding the show seem to be impossible and likely not to return in the future, we do have to remain optimistic about what’s to come.

There’s a lot that’s left to explore concerning the show, so it is safe to assume that before things wrap up for good, we’ll get at least a new season around the corner.

What can we expect from MacGruber Season 2?

The season one finale left MacGruber in a precarious position. Having finally defeated his nemesis, Tête à Téte (French for “Face to Face”), he uncovers a shocking truth – a larger, even more diabolical organization was pulling the strings all along.

So, for the second season to have an epic storyline isn’t too far of a reach. However, with the uncertainty looming over our heads, it is safe to say that we wouldn’t know how things would transpire but we have a few theories.

  • With Tête à Téte out of the picture, a new Big Bad needs to step up. Will it be the shadowy organization hinted at in the finale? Perhaps a familiar face from MacGruber’s past returns with a score to settle?
  • Season one dealt with nuclear threats and global domination. Can season two top that? The writers could explore even more outrageous scenarios, perhaps involving international espionage, alien conspiracies, or even a time-travel plot (because why not?).
  • The chemistry between MacGruber, Vicki St. Clair (Kristen Wiig), and Dirk Fistula (Ryan Phillippe) was a highlight of the first season. Season two could delve deeper into their codependent yet dysfunctional relationship. Will their past traumas resurface? Will romance finally blossom (or hilariously implode)?

Who is returning to MacGruber Season 2?

If MacGruber is eventually renewed, it is surely going to return with the OG cast, including:

  • Will Forte 
  • Kristen Wiig 
  • Ryan Phillippe 
  • Billy Zane 
  • Sam Elliott 
  • Joseph Lee Anderson 
  • Laurence Fishburne 
  • Maya Rudolph 
  • Piper