Love on the Spectrum Season 3: What is So Special About This Upcoming Season?

Love on the Spectrum Season 3

Love is an emotion that needs to be celebrated more often and vigorously. Love on the Spectrum is one such series that understands this assignment. This show understood the assignment and has been coming up with back-to-back brilliant performances.

Netflix, known for hosting shows and series that have a unique touch, is going to host this particular series as well. Created by Cian O’Clery, Love on the Spectrum explores a unique take on the concept and emotion of love. It is because of this uniqueness that even with just 2 seasons the show has been able to create and maintain for itself a passionate, loyal, and broad fan base.

If you want to know when and where you could watch the next season of Love on the Spectrum then you are at the right place. Keep reading.

What is the release date of Love on the Spectrum season 3?

Even as the second season of Love on the Spectrum was ending, it was very apparent that it would soon be back with a 3rd season. Just as predicted, the show’s comeback was scheduled for the first half of 2023 and well enough Love on the Spectrum stood up to its promise.

The 3rd season continues with the tradition of its predecessors. It brings forth the brilliance of the emotion of love and affection and continues to win hearts across the world.

What is the plot of Love on the Spectrum season 3?

Love on the Spectrum is a kind of docuseries. It follows the story of a bunch of neurodivergent young adults and their quest for love. The show universalizes the concept and emotion of love in the truest sense.

Throughout every season the participants are shown on their respective journeys along which they find people like themselves, people they would like to spend their lives with, and people who add a little something to who they are. The group of participants form and reconstruct each other in a variety of ways throughout the episodes of the season. Some people have already found love. There the narrative focuses on the relationship hurdles that come the couples’ way.

The 3rd season of Love on the Spectrum would also follow this pattern set by the preceding seasons of the show. There is going to be one small difference though. The series had originally premiered on ABC Australia in 2019. After its initial success in the Australian market, it was globalized soon after in the year 2020 when it was again premiered on Netflix. This time the show is bringing about a change in their location as well. While the last seasons were set and shot in Australia, the 3rd season will be shot in the US.

What would the cast for Love on the Spectrum season 3 look like?

Created by Cian O’Clery and produced by Karina Holden and Jenni Wilks, Love on the Spectrum is all set to make a comeback soon. Since this is a non-scripted docu-series, it is not possible to know for sure what the cast of the 3rd season would look like. 

Judging from the record of the show, characters from earlier seasons could make a comeback and naturally new characters would also make their debuts. Here is a list of the faces that a Love on the Spectrum fan could expect to see in the 3rd season.

  • Jodi Rodgers

Jayden Evans

  • Michael Theo

Michael Theo

  • Chloe Hatch

Chloe Hatch

  • Mark Radburn

Mark Radburn

  • Jimmy & Sharnae

Jimmy & Sharnae

  • Ronan Soussa

Ronan Soussa

  • Kassandra Nieass

Kassandra Nieass

  • Teo Tissue

Teo Tissue

  • Jayden Evans

Jayden Evans


This is going to be another entertaining and enlightening season of Love on the Spectrum. One thing you can be sure of is that the makers will most certainly keep up with the brilliant initiative and task they have undertaken. They seem to be doing a great job after all.


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