Aşk 101 Season 3: What do we know so Far about the show?

Aşk 101 Season 3: What do we know so Far about the show?

If you are over the constant rush of thriller, mystery, and sci-fi shows and want to watch something a bit more subdued and light-hearted, Aşk 101 or Love 101 is no doubt one of the best shows you can binge-watch.

Featuring a beautiful plotline, Aşk 101 is based on the 90s period and is sure to give you a lot of feelings and nostalgia. The entertainment factor in the show is pretty engaging too. Following the second season of the show ending in 2021, the audience is now avidly awaiting the release of the third season.

Aşk 101 Season 3

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What is the plot of Aşk 101 Season 3?

What is the plot of Aşk 101 Season 3

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For those who haven’t watched any of the previous seasons, Aşk 101 follows the life of a group of teenage outcasts and the show is based in the 1990s.

The primary objective of the show is for the group to come together to make their teacher fall in love again so she doesn’t leave the town.

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The first two seasons of the show explore the adventures that the group goes on to find the perfect match for their teacher. How the producers extrapolate the show in the third season is something we’d have to wait for.

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When is Aşk 101 Season 3 Releasing?

When is Aşk 101 Season 3 Releasing

Although the second season of Aşk 101 ended in 2021, there are no updates about the show’s official release of the third season yet.

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However, given the kind of positive response that the show has gained for the first two seasons, it isn’t surprising that it will most likely return with a third season too. But we’d have to wait until the network or the producers reveal the official confirmation about the show.

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Who is cast in Aşk 101 Season 3?

Who is cast in Aşk 101 Season 3

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The show has pretty much remained constant with the cast since the first two seasons. So, if you are wondering about the third season’s cast, be assured that the protagonists, including Alina Boz, Mert Yazicioglu, Kubilay Aka, and Selahattin Pasali will return in the new season.

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But, this isn’t confirmed the news, so we’d have to wait for the official news to get all the confirmation we need.

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Aşk 101 Season 3 doesn’t have any updates surrounding it. However, if you have been meaning to watch the show, we’d recommend you start with the first two seasons. With the kind of positive reception the show has received, we can stay hopeful that it will return for a brand-new season too.

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