Lola Fae Net Worth 2024 – Breaking Down the Wealth of the Instagram Star

Lola Fae Net Worth

The growth of social media is extensive and Instagram is a platform that’s becoming the next big thing, paving the way for influencers to earn a handsome amount of money from. If you are addicted to Instagram, chances are that you are familiar with Lola Fae.

Lola is an emerging Instagram star and social media personality that is known for her stunning appearance and the attractive images and videos that she posts on her account. She is known for her creative videos and her musical talent too.

If you are a fan of Lola Fae and have been wanting to know more about her childhood and her career growth, this article is it.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Lola Fae
Birth Date May 13, 1996
Age 27
Country of Origin USA
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $200,000
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024

Early Life

Lola Fae was born on May 13, 1996, in Weston, Florida to a well-settled family. We couldn’t find anything about Lola’s parents, not their name or their identity. However, rumors suggest that Lola’s father worked as a businessman.

With so little insight about her parents, it is surprising that we know that Lola has a brother named Nick. She hasn’t openly discussed much about her family but with the way she talks about them, it isn’t surprising that all of them are pretty close and share a great bond.

Being born in Florida, Lola completed her education at a local high school and loved being surrounded by her friends. When talking about her participation in school, rumors suggest that Lola was an all-rounder.

From school plays to sports, she excelled in pretty much everything, including her academics. After graduating high school, Lola hasn’t enrolled in college or even if she did, there isn’t any public knowledge about the same so we can’t confirm what’s true.

Personal Life

Lola Fae is currently single and hasn’t been dating anyone recently. Since she keeps her private life out of her social media, it is quite difficult to assume who she is dating or what her sexual orientation is. Lola also doesn’t share much about what she likes doing in her free time but given the videos, it looks like she loves indulging in fitness.

Lola Fae


Lola started her career in social media quite early. She started posting silly images and videos as a joke during the late teen years but somehow, her account took off and she started gaining more and more traction.

Initially, Lola treated her social media to showcase her modeling trait, and with the consistency that she had with the content; it isn’t surprising that she managed to gain a lot of traction in a short period.

Her primary breakthrough was on Instagram but Lola knew that she had to break into other social media platforms too, cue Tiktok. She started posting short-form content on the platform, especially funny reels, skits, lip-syncing videos, etc. Soon after, she started gaining a steady audience that appreciated her content.

Known for her attractive personality and physique, Lola also shares modeling and fitness tips on her social media channels and has worked with some of the leading brands, promoting their products in real time.

There are insights that Lola also has an extensive presence in the adult entertainment industry and she has appeared in multiple videos until now. She probably has an OnlyFans account too but there are not many official insights on the same, so we are confused on that front too.

Net Worth

Lola Fae has amassed an estimated net worth of $200,000. The majority of her income comes from her social media influencing career and the rest from her engagement in the AV industry. She might earn a recurring income through her OnlyFans subscriptions too.


1. Is Lola Fae genderfluid?

If you visit Lola’s Twitter (or X) account and navigate to the bio section, you will notice that she has mentioned that she is genderfluid. We don’t have any further information about her sexuality.

2. Does Lola Fae have a Telegram group?

Yes, Lola has an exclusive Telegram group, which you can go ahead and check if you want to. It currently has 517 subscribers.

3. What kind of content does Lola post on her Instagram?

Scrolling through Lola’s Instagram will give you a good depiction of the kind of content she posts, which is most reels and images from her modeling gigs, etc.