The Empress of Toys: Like Nastya’s Journey to a $20 Million Net Worth

Like Nastya Net Worth

Did you know that some of the most paid and richest YouTubers are kids who review toys, and post educational content and funny skits? If not, now you do. Among them, one name that stands out time and time is Like Nastya.

Like Nastya, whose real name is Anastasia Radzinskaya, is a Russian-American YouTube personality, who is one of the most popular YouTubers on the internet. With 105 million subscribers under her belt, we can assume she is one of the biggest YouTubers right now.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Like Nastya and her net worth.

Early life

Anastasia Radzinskaya was born on January 27, 2014, in Krasnodar, Russia. Her childhood was pretty monumental because she was initially diagnosed with cerebral palsy, where the doctors said that she would never be able to talk in the future.

However, her parents were pretty adamant about the diagnosis being wrong and worked with Nastya around the clock. It was later devised that the diagnosis was indeed incorrect. Besides this, there isn’t much information about her early life.


Like Nastya’s rise to fame is all thanks to YouTube. She started her YouTube journey in 2016 but it wasn’t directly.

During the initial days, it was Anastasia’s father, who posted videos of her playing with toys. Not thinking much of it, Nastya’s father would document his daughter and later posted that video on YouTube.

However, thanks to Nastya’s jovial and chirpy personality and infectious laughter, Nastya soon started gaining a lot of popularity on YouTube, and soon after her channel started growing. During this time, a few of her videos even went viral. 

At present, Like Nastya has over 105 million subscribers and she easily gains over 2 million views per video that she posts. They are very consistent with the uploads and one video is generally posted every week.

Some of the niches of content that the channel focuses on are toy reviews, vlogs, skits, and challenges. As she is growing, the frequency of toy reviews is gradually reducing and getting replaced with challenges, vlogs, and skits.

Besides being one of the most popular children’s YouTubers, Like Nastya has also launched her merchandise line where she sells toys, clothing, accessories, etc.

Personal Life

There’s not much information about her personal life, besides the fact that Nastya’s parents are the ones who encouraged her to continue posting on YouTube. She also has a younger sister, Milana, who appears in Nastya’s videos quite often.

Net Worth

Although not confirmed, rumors suggest that Like Nastya has an estimated net worth of $20 million. With the kind of views that she gains each month, we can assume that the monthly income and overall net worth are pretty much a lot more than what’s published across multiple media sites. Since she is quite young, there isn’t any information about her investments as such. Her primary income source is YouTube but she earns a fair bit of money through her brand as well.