Libaas – (Hindi Web Series) – All Seasons, Episodes, and Cast

Libaas – (Hindi Web Series)

Finding bold and erotic web series in India that highlight subjects surrounding sexual attraction, infidelity, etc. among couples isn’t very common. However, Libaas is a show that’s breaking those barriers and has somehow managed to stand out in the crowd.

But, what’s great about Libaas is the multidimensional plot and themes. It is more than the eroticism in the show because Libaas focuses heavily on the murder-mystery side of things too. The show is currently streaming on the OTT platform, Atrangii and is an age-restricted show.

If you have been curious to know more about Libaas and the episodes and how things progress in the show, you have come to the right place.

Libaas – Details

Other names Libas (लिबास)
Language Hindi
Release date September 01, 2023.
Director Amit Khanna
Distributed by Atrangii app
Seasons 1
Episodes 6


If you are one of those people who prefers getting a brief rundown of the show’s summary and overview of the plot, we have sorted that for you here.

However, keep in mind that this section of the article might contain a few spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Libaas follows the life of Maya, who struggles with a condition called nymphomania, which typically translates to an overdrive of wanting to engage in sexual intercourse with people. Despite being married, Maya finds herself attracted to Kabeer Ahlawat, a young police officer who lives in the same building as hers.

Being young and charged with hormones, Kabeer decides to pretend to be in love with Maya only to use her physically to fulfill his carnal desires. Maya falls into Kabeer’s trap and owing to her condition, she starts having an affair with Kabeer, despite being married.

Since Maya has an excessive desire to have sex when she confesses that to anyone, people misconstrue her words and take advantage of her weakness.

While Maya and Kabeer continue their affair behind everyone’s back, things take a turn for the worse when Maya is murdered suddenly with a sharp object. Her sudden death leaves all her former and current lovers under the knife of suspicion and things take a turn for the worse.

By the end, five people are shortlisted and narrowed down to being the primary suspects. As you navigate through the episodes, things take unexpected twists and turn all while leaving you in complete shock when you find out who the murderer is.


Episodes Release date Director
Episode 1 September 01, 2023 Amit Khanna
Episode 2 September 01, 2023 Amit Khanna
Episode 3 September 01, 2023 Amit Khanna
Episode 4 September 01, 2023 Amit Khanna
Episode 5 September 01, 2023 Amit Khanna
Episode 6 September 01, 2023 Amit Khanna

P.S. – We don’t want to give a complete synopsis of each episode since that would ruin the plot and completely make things uninviting when you are watching it in real time.

Cast and Crew

The cast and crew on Libaas include quite a few fresh faces that you have probably not seen elsewhere. All of them have done a brilliant job and left the audience in awe.

The cast of Libaas include:

Name of the cast Role
Trriesha Banerjee Maya
Nyra Banerjee Zoya
Krrip Kapur Suri Rajat Bedi
Ali Merchant Kabeer Ahlawat

This is the main cast in the web series. You also have a series of supporting casts on the show.


Libaas is not one of those conventional web series that you will expect to be made for an Indian audience. However, with how bold the show’s screenwriting is, it is quite a unique show that deserves more appreciation. If you have been wondering if Libaas is worth the time, we’d 100% recommend you give this a go. It does contain themes of sexual relationships, manipulation, and infidelity, so if these factors are triggering for you, you should sit this one out. But, if not, give this a watch.


1. Where can I want Libaas?

Libaas is available for streaming on the OTT app, Atrangii. It is available on the Google Play Store and app store for download. Once downloaded, you can watch the show without interruptions.

2. Is Libaas 18+?

Libaas is a web series that contains a variety of adult themes and topics like sexual intimacy, infidelity, murder, violence, etc. So, it isn’t suitable for anyone under 18.

3. Can I watch Libaas for free?

If you have access to the Atrangii app, you can watch Libaas for free.

4. Who is the director of Libaas?

All six episodes in the first season of Libaas have been directed by Amit Khanna.

5. Will there be a second season of Libaas?

Given that the first season answers all the questions related to the murder mystery, we are pretty sure it isn’t returning with a second season. Even if it does, it will be a different plot.


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