Lewis Howes’s Net Worth – How Much Is the Former Footballer Worth?

Lewis Howes's Net Worth

When you hear the word Lewis Howes now, you think of the famous podcaster, who has gained a lot of traction for posting content about businesses, etc. via his podcast. But, what many fail to realize is that Lewis is a famous former footballer as well.

Lewis Howes is a successful entrepreneur, author, and mentor, who is currently known for his engaging podcast and for running several businesses in the realm of sports and sports commentary. With the turnaround that Lewis has done with his career, it is safe to say that people are fascinated.

This article will further explore more about Lewis Howes, his early life, his career, and more about his net worth.

Early Life

Lewis Howes was born on March 16, 1983. He was born in Delaware, Ohio, and has had a very beautiful childhood, being loved and doted on by his parents.

Right from his childhood, Lewis had a knack and passion for sports and football. With encouragement from his parents, Lewis took this seriously and even joined the football team when he was studying at Principia College.

During that period, he was even awarded an NCAA record certification. However, tragedy hit his life when Lewis’ father was in a tragic accident and was arrested into a coma. Following his father’s recovery, Lewis continued playing football at the Arena Football League but later sustained a terrible injury, which prevented him from playing professionally.

Personal Life

Howet was previously dating Yanet Garcia but the two split eventually. He is currently dating Martha Higareda, who is a popular Mexican actress. There isn’t much information about their relationship because they prefer keeping their business out of the media spectacle.


After his football career came to a screeching halt, Lewis was left to find other options for himself. During that time, he gave handball a try and was recruited into the USA Men’s National Team’s handball organization.

Not finding much traction from it, Lewis ventured into the business side of things and launched his first venture, SportsNetworker, followed by Sports Executive Association.

While the former two ventures weren’t the biggest success, his luck would completely turn around when he released The School of Greatness, which is part of Greatness Media. Gaining more and more traction, Lewis ended up authoring his first book in 2015 and his second one in 2017. Both of them are bestsellers.

Lewis also hosts a successful podcast titled “The School of Greatness” podcast where he talks to celebrities and renowned business professionals. The podcast itself has 5+ million followers.

Net Worth

With the multiple avenues of income sources that Lewis has created for himself, it isn’t a question that his net worth has grown exponentially fast. As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. He runs multi-million dollar companies and his flourishing business ventures and investments add to the overall net worth he has amassed. His podcast also generates a steady income and so do the books he has authored.


1. What is Lewis Howes’ background?

Lewis Howes was a professional football player before becoming an entrepreneur and author. He played arena football and suffered a career-ending injury, leading him to explore other paths in life.

2. What is Lewis Howes’ philosophy on greatness?

Lewis Howes emphasizes the importance of personal development, building meaningful relationships, and pursuing one’s passions to achieve greatness. He often explores topics related to mindset, success, and fulfillment.

3. Is Lewis Howes still involved in sports?

Lewis Howes is no longer actively involved in professional sports. After his football career ended due to injury, he transitioned into entrepreneurship and personal development.