Last Kids on Earth Season 4 – Has Netflix Renewed the Show?

Last Kids on Earth Season 4

Looking for a good animated series to binge-watch? If yes, Last Kids on Earth is a Netflix original animated series that is worth watching. It’s fast-paced, well-crafted, and fun to watch too, if you want something light-hearted.

The series is based on the book series of the same name by Max Brallier and the blend of action, humor, and heart in the show has quickly made it a public favorite. Following the success of three successful seasons, the fans are now curious to know what’s next.

Is the show returning with a new season? When is Last Kids on Earth Season 4 releasing? All the answers are in this article.

When is Last Kids on Earth Season 4 Releasing?

The third season of the show was released in 2020, so it has been around three years since then. With so much gap between the third and fourth seasons, the fans are now questioning if the animated series will come back or if will it be canceled.

Following the Book 3 release, it even released a special edition in 2021 and since then Netflix hasn’t reported anything related to the show’s renewal yet.

Is it returning? Well, no one knows at this point. There seem to be a lot of factors that will go into the whole process, so it is more about what we can expect that will make all the difference.

Some of the fans are hopeful that Season 4 will be released in 2024 but we still won’t know for sure until the official release date is revealed.

What can we expect from Last Kids on Earth Season 4?

Season 4 is poised to continue the epic saga of Jack Sullivan, June, Dirk, Quint, and their faithful companion, Thrull, as they navigate the treacherous landscape of their zombie-infested world. 

With their treehouse headquarters fortified and their friendship stronger than ever, the gang faces new threats, uncovers hidden secrets, and embarks on thrilling missions that will test their courage and resilience.

The fourth season is most likely going to pick up where they ended the special edition episode. So, to ensure that you aren’t confused, watch the entire series in chronological order from Season 1 to the Special edition.

Following that, you should be prepared to watch what Season 4 has in store for its audience. With limited source material, we’d have to see what the writers do with the series.

Who is returning to Last Kids on Earth Season 4?

The fourth season of the show will never be the same without their standard cast, so we will see all the primary characters returning, including:

  • Nick Wolfard

Nick Wolfard

  • Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

  • Montse Hernandez

Montse Hernandez

  • Bruce Campbell, etc.

Bruce Campbell


The Last Kids on Earth Season 4 will be action-packed and a hilarious ride, filled with evens more zombies, monsters, and extraordinary adventures. But, with no official confirmation about the show’s return, there is a lot of confusion among the audience, which will only be resolved once things are straightened out with the new season.


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