Kuromukuro Season 3 – Has Netflix Cancelled the Show Already?

Kuromukuro Season 3

Are you a fan of anime series that bring a blend of action, comedy, and heartwarming moments? If yes, chances are that you are a fan of Kuromukuro. The show has quickly become a fan favorite and has gained immense critical acclaim too.

After two successful seasons, the fans are now curious to know when Netflix is set to bring the series back with Season 3. At this point, there is no official news about the release yet and there are rumors of a potential cancellation too.

If you are wondering if Kuromukuro Season 3 is happening and what we can expect from it, this article will take a look at all the details.

When is Kuromukuro Season 3 Released?

With two successful seasons and no primary confirmation about the show’s cancellation from the official sources, the fans are hopeful that the creators will bring it back sometime in the future.

That said, some rumors do guarantee a potential cancellation, which has left the fans confused and in despair wondering what’s next. Initially, there were rumors that the show might be in production, especially with the speculations that were floating around on the internet at that time.

Additionally, the show’s production studio, P.A. Works, has a reputation for reviving popular anime with long gaps between seasons, such as Angel Beats! and Charlotte. These factors suggest that Kuromukuro Season 3 could materialize shortly.

Since we don’t know what’s happening and how things will transpire in the future, it looks like we’d have to wait.

What can we expect from Kuromukuro Season 3?

A potential Kuromukuro Season 3 could delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Genesis of the Future, the enigmatic organization responsible for creating the Black Relic and the robotic menace known as “Them.” 

It could also explore the evolving relationship between the samurai from the past, Kurou, and the modern-day heroine, Yukina. Additionally, the series could introduce new characters and challenges, expanding the scope of the narrative and providing fresh thrills for viewers.

Since anime shows are known for being quite strict with keeping things under wrap, we’d not know anything regarding the plot until its release. At this point, what we can do is go back and watch the first two seasons and then speculate what the new season might have in store.

Who is returning to Kuromukuro Season 3?

If Kuromukuro Season 3 happens in the future, we can remain hopeful that all the main voice artists for the characters will return, including:

  • Yohei Azakami

Yohei Azakami

  • M.A.O


  • Reina Ueda

Reina Ueda

  • Asami Seto

Asami Seto

  • Kaito Ishikawa

Kaito Ishikawa

  • Yusuke Kobayashi

Yūsuke Kobayashi

  • Shunsuke Takeuchi

Shunsuke Takeuchi

  • Manami Sugihira

Any further additions to the cast list won’t be revealed until the official trailer of Season 3 is released.


When is Kuromukuro Season 3 released?

The makers of the show haven’t announced a release date, mainly because it has not been renewed yet. However, it hasn’t been cancelled either so, fans are still waiting for new episodes.

Is Kuromukuro Season 3 cancelled?

According to rumours, the show might get cancelled. If that happens, there will be no season 3. However, nothing is confirmed as fans wait for an official announcement.

Which studio produced Kuromukuro?

Kuromukuro was produced by P.A. Works. This studio is known for reviving popular anime after long intervals. Fans are hopeful they will do the same with Kuromukuro as well.


Kuromukuro Season 3’s status is shrouded in mystery. So, if you have been looking forward to an official announcement, it is most likely not coming anytime soon. However, if anything related to the show changes in the future, we’d be the first to inform you, so save this webpage ahead of time.


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