Kipo Season 4 – When Is the Mystery Returning on Netflix?

Kipo Season 4

If you Google “Kipo Season 4”, it looks like Netflix has canceled the show and has even given a solid explanation as to why they have done what they have done. The cancellation has come as a surprise for the fans and devastated them too.

For those that haven’t watched the show yet, Kipo Oak is the spunky teenager with the power to charm mutes, and captivated audiences with her vibrant journey through a post-apocalyptic world teeming with giant, funky creatures.

With the first three seasons being a huge success, fans are now waiting for more news about Kipo Season 4 and its eventual release.

When is Kipo Season 4 Releasing?

The first three seasons of Kipo aired on Netflix, which means that if season 4 were to happen, it would air on Netflix only.

However, some rumors depict that Netflix has already officially canceled the series, which has left the fans quite upset. No one expected the sudden cancellation, especially given the fact that the third season ended quite abruptly.

Following 30 episodes, the world of Kipo has come to an end. Despite the official news regarding the cancellation, it looks like some of the fans are still hopeful that things will miraculously work out and the show will be resumed.

While there remains hope, it looks like there’s no point holding onto a lot of hope at this point. The cancellation has left a lot of fans wondering how the story could have expanded in the new season.

What can we expect from Kipo Season 4?

Season 3 concluded with Kipo and her friends forging a fragile peace between humans and mutes. But the world remains a vibrant tapestry of unanswered questions and unexplored corners. There are a lot of different storylines that the creators can explore in the fourth season if it were to amount to anything.

Here are a few options:

  • Kipo’s ability to control mutes is a powerful mystery. Season 4 could delve deeper into its origins, exploring the science and magic behind Mega Mutations.
  • Kipo and her friends have grown, but what about the younger generation? Exploring the lives of children raised in the burrow, and grappling with the legacy of the Great War could offer a fresh perspective.
  • Scars remain from the animosity between humans and mutes. Season 4 could focus on rebuilding trust, fostering true understanding, and finding new ways of co-existence.

Who is returning to Kipo Season 4?

Given that Netflix has already canceled the show and confirmed that it’s not returning, there’s no point waiting for more updates about the new season and its cast. No one is likely returning in Season 4. However, if it did end up getting picked up by a different network, there are chances that the main cast would return to lend their voices.


Kipo Season 4 had a lot of potential in it, so Netflix’s sudden cancellation has been quite abrupt. With so much left unanswered in the show, most of the fans have now come up with their theories on how things could or should have ended.


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