Kaguya Sama Season 4 – Everything We Know So Far

Kaguya Sama Season 4

In the realm of Japanese romantic comedy anime series, Kaguya Sama has gained a lot of traction quite recently. Inspired by the manga of the same name, the series follows the story of Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane.

The elements of hidden love, the angst, and the slow burn that’s involved between the protagonists who are too in love but too afraid to confess are quite exhilarating. With three successful seasons released already, the audience is curious to know about the fourth season.

This article will take a peek into everything we know about Kaguya Sama Season 4, its release date, and details about the characters too.

When is Kaguya Sama Season 4 Releasing?

Initially, many fans speculated that Kaguya Sama Season 4 would be released in 2023 but that doesn’t seem like a possibility anymore.

Current speculations suggest that it will be released in the winter of 2024, so it is another year’s wait from this point. It could be earlier too but we’d recommend that you don’t get your hopes up just yet.

What’s good to know is that the release is happening in the future, we just don’t have any idea regarding the official release dates yet. Some fans even believe that the fourth season will kick off with a few past events and showcasing what could have gone down in the past.

So, if you have questions or have been confused about the plotline of the show until now, we’d recommend that you follow along with this particular season to get all the answers. 

What can we expect from Kagayu Sama Season 4?

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 4 is likely to continue the story of Kaguya and Miyuki as they navigate their complicated relationship. 

The previous season ended with the two of them finally confessing their feelings to each other, but they still have a long way to go before they can be together. 

In the upcoming season, we can expect to see Kaguya and Miyuki deal with the challenges of being in a romantic relationship, such as jealousy, communication, and intimacy. We can also expect to see more of their supporting cast, including Chika Fujiwara, Yu Ishigami, and Miko Iino.

There seems to be a lot that’s left untapped from the original manga. The fourth season is likely going to pick up from Level 15, so that would be interesting to see as well.

Who is returning to Kagayu Sama Season 4?

We would most like to witness the main cast returning in Season 4 too, including:

  • Aoi Koga as Kaguya Shinomiya

Aoi Koga

  • Makoto Furukawa as Miyuki Shirogane

Makoto Furukawa

  • Konomi Kohara as Chika Fujiwara

Konomi Kohara

  • Ryota Suzuki as Yu Ishigami

Ryota Suzuki

  • Yuka Iguchi as Miko Iino

Yuka Iguchi

  • Yumiri Hanamori as Ai Hayasaka

Yumiri Hanamori

  • Masaaki Mizunaka as Kaguya’s grandfather

Masaaki Mizunaka

  • Rina Hidaka as Kaguya’s mother

Rina Hidaka


Kagayu Sama Season 4 will take the audience through a roller coaster ride of emotions and adventure. The love and passion that might have been missing in the past three seasons will most likely be made up in the fourth one, which means that it would be interesting to see.


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