Jordan Belfort Net Worth 2024 – The Wolf of Wall Street’s Wealth

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort, the name synonymous with outrageous excess and cutthroat ambition, has captivated audiences with his rags-to-riches-and-back rollercoaster story. He built a financial empire on the back of pump-and-dump schemes, only to see it crumble under the weight of his greed and the FBI’s watchful eye.

If you have watched the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you are likely aware of the premise of Jordan Belfort’s career and the kind of adventures he has been in. A look into his net worth might astound you now but it wasn’t as promising before.

To give you a comprehensive understanding of Jordan Belfort and everything he stands for, we have compiled all the relevant information in this article. 

Early Life

Jordan Ross Belfort, popularly known as the Wolf of Wall Street guy, was born on July 09, 1962. He was born in the Bronx area of New York in a Jewish family but they later relocated to Bayside, Queens, which is where Jordan was raised.

Growing up, Jordan had an entrepreneurial zeal in him, something that molded his career in the future. Early on in his life, Jordan collaborated with one of his friends and the two of them earned $20,000 where they would sell Italian ice from the coolers to the tourists during the peak summer month. That was the first big breakthrough that Jordan acquired in his entrepreneurial feat.

Many people don’t believe or realize this but Jordan initially completed his degree in biology and then went to dental school at the University of Maryland School. However, he didn’t even complete a full day at University because his professor confessed that the profession isn’t the way to get rich.


Belfort’s professional exploits truly captivated the world. His rise to the pinnacle of Wall Street, founding the notorious Stratton Oakmont, was fueled by a potent cocktail of charm, manipulation, and sheer audacity. Through a system of “pump and dump” scams, Belfort and his brokers preyed on unsuspecting investors, amassing obscene wealth in the process.

However, the empire built on lies was destined to crumble. In 1998, the FBI came knocking, exposing the web of deceit that had enriched Belfort at the expense of countless victims. Facing a mountain of legal troubles, he ultimately pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering, receiving a 22-month prison sentence and a $110 million restitution order.

Personal Life

His personal life, however, has been a rollercoaster of tumultuous relationships. Three marriages, marred by accusations of infidelity and substance abuse, painted a stark contrast to the outward image of wealth he projected. While Belfort claims to be reformed, the constant media spotlight and his continued involvement in motivational speaking raise questions about the genuineness of his turnaround.

Net Worth

Estimates vary wildly, ranging from a negative $100 million (accounting for unpaid restitution) to a more optimistic $130 million. He claims his income comes from motivational speaking engagements, book sales, and even acting, though the legitimacy of these ventures remains a subject of debate.


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