Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7: New Season Announced

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7

There are very few shows that can keep up the same standard they had started with, let alone build on that standard. Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been able to do that. That is probably why the show has been able to captivate its audience the way that it has. The fans of the show now eagerly waiting for a 7th season to happen and there is good news for them.

The good news is that 7th season of the show has been confirmed. Being a passionate viewer of the show you are probably not happy with just that bit of information. So we have brought together a concise collection of all the data available regarding Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 7. All you have to do is to keep reading.

What is the release date of Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 7?

The series was first premiered back in 2018. From then till 2022 the series has been able to keep up the performance. It has been able to gain for itself a loyal fan base. Now the 7th season of the show is all set to hit the television screens of 

its fans. Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7 made it to the television screens of the fans’ homes on August 3rd, 2023.

The MTV stable Is all set to Captivate its audience once more. It seems like the show is far from being done. It still has a lot to explore and to show the same to its audience as well.

What is the plot of Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 7?

The American reality show still has a lot of drama to explore and unravel. It is interesting to note that while it is a significant part and kind of reality television show it is still quite different from other series in the genre. It still adheres to the genres of drama and travel and yet makes for itself an essentially unique position.

It has a charm when It comes to entertainment. In the family vacation series, the family members are shown to have been separated from each other for nearly 8 years. The 7th season would follow how they again become reunited. It would also chronicle a long holiday that the family plans to celebrate their union in Miami. 

This season is likely to follow many other such vacations on which the family members bond further and catch up with one another on whatever they had missed out in those long 8 years.

There is a beautiful plot line that follows the characters trying to recreate some of their memories from the experiences they had had when they were in their 20s. It is Needless to say, therefore, this season is going to be the sweetest one till now perhaps.

Who are the cast members in Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7?

Our beloved characters are back and here are the actors who might be there in the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7.

  • Pauly D DelVecchio

Pauly D DelVecchio

  • Nicole Polizzi

Nicole Polizzi

  • Michael Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino

  • Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley

  • Vinny Guadagnino

Jennifer Farley

  • Deena Nicole Cortese

Deena Nicole Cortese

  • Angelina Pivarnick

Angelina Pivarnick


There is a chance that Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7 might just be the last season of the show. Fans are also quite anxious about that. However, for now, there is a brand new season to enjoy! You can watch the series either on its host platform MTV or sync in to Hulu where all the episodes of the show are available. Happy Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 7 to you!