Jennifer Granholm Net Worth – How Much Is The ‘US Secretary of Energy’ Worth?

Jennifer Granholm Net Worth

Politicians are no strangers to facing controversy during their careers, and Jennifer Granholm, the current Secretary of Energy, is no exception. Since assuming her position last year, she has found herself amid a heated debate surrounding soaring gas prices, which has turned her into a focal point for criticism and controversy. 

However, Granholm’s extensive expertise and experience make her well-equipped to navigate through these challenging times. Her remarkable journey in the political realm is both intriguing and distinctive, particularly considering her background as a woman of wealth.

This article will further venture into finding out more about Jennifer Granholm, her net worth, her political career, and her rise to fame.

Early Days

Jennifer Granholm was born on February 05, 1959, in Canada. There’s not much public information available about her early life and childhood days.

But, reports suggest that the majority of her family’s history isn’t as bright as everyone thinks it is. Jennifer’s grandfather died of suicide because he was tired of living a life in poverty. Not just that, even Jennifer’s father had a tough life growing up where he started working at a mill by the age of 11.

After Jennifer’s birth, the family stayed in Canada for four years after which they relocated to the U.S., hoping for a better life. Once they shifted to the U.S., that’s when their luck turned in their favor. Her father started working as a bank teller and soon, he owned the bank as well.

While there is no report about her school education, it is clear that she acquired her law degree from Harvard Law School.

Personal Life

Jennifer is married to her husband, Daniel Mulhern. The couple own and run their consulting business, besides Jennifer being actively in the space of politics. Besides their professional rapport, there’s not much information available about either of their personal life because they prefer keeping it out of the media spectacle.


Jennifer’s political career started with her becoming the governor of Michigan. After her tenure in office, Jennifer Granholm embarked on a new chapter in her career. Alongside her husband, Daniel Mulhern, she delved into the realm of academia, returning to her alma mater, Cal-Berkeley, to share her knowledge as a teacher.

Simultaneously, Granholm took on prominent positions on the boards of Dow Chemical and Talmer Bancorp, showcasing her versatility and expanding her professional horizons.

While engaged in corporate endeavors, Granholm remained committed to her passion for clean energy. She actively contributed to the cause as an advisor for the Pew Charitable Trust, lending her expertise and insights to further advancements in this crucial field.

Net Worth

With the multiple streams of income that Jennifer has created for herself, it is safe to say that she is a millionaire. Jennifer Granholm has an estimated net worth of $8 million, which she earns through her political career and also through the multiple business ventures that Jennifer has indulged in real-time. 


1. What positions has Jennifer Granholm held in government?

Jennifer Granholm served as the Attorney General of Michigan from 1999 to 2003 and as the Governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011. In 2021, she was confirmed as the United States Secretary of Energy under President Joe Biden.

2. What is Jennifer Granholm’s background before entering politics?

Granholm has a background in law and education. She earned a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School and worked as a judicial clerk for a federal judge.

3. How has Jennifer Granholm contributed to environmental policies?

As Secretary of Energy, Granholm has played a key role in the Biden administration’s efforts to advance clean energy and combat climate change.