Jelly Roll Net Worth 2024 – From Nashville’s Underdog to a Multi-Million Dollar Story

Jelly Roll Net Worth

Jelly Roll, the stage name of Jason DeFord, isn’t your typical country music star. His journey is one of grit, genre-bending, and unexpected success. If you are a fan of the rapper, chances are that you know about his challenges with addiction.

However, despite the challenges, Jason has managed to stand out with his hard work and resilience and come out stronger than before. His story is a testament to the raw talent that he has. Despite the ups and downs, Jason has acquired the millionaire status with his career.

If you are curious to know more about Jelly Roll’s net worth, we will discuss them all in this article.

Early Life

Jason DeFord, whom we commonly know as Jelly Roll, was born on December 04, 1984, in Nashville, Tennessee. He didn’t have the most fruitful childhood growing up and had to face a lot of challenges, especially because he was raised in the Antioch neighborhood.

However, instead of letting these familial challenges and lack of money pull him down, Jason focused on channeling his experiences into his raw and introspective lyrics and raps. In multiple interviews, Jason exclaimed that he was inspired by leading rappers Eminem and Three 6 Mafia during the early days of his rapping career.

As he started taking things around creating music and rap more seriously, he decided to venture into the professional space with an alias of Jelly Roll.


While Jelly Roll found success in the rap scene, his musical ambitions extended further. He started incorporating country and rock influences into his songs, creating a unique blend that captivated audiences. 

Collaborations with established names like Struggle Jennings and Tech N9ne helped bridge the gap between genres. In 2021, he released his country debut album, “A Beautiful Disaster,” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart. 

The album’s title track, “Son of a Sinner,” became a crossover hit, reaching #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, cementing his place in the Nashville scene. He has been quite consistent with the music that he creates and releases and, most times, they are inspired by his personal life and the raw struggles he experienced growing up.

Personal Life

Jelly Roll’s personal life hasn’t been without its challenges. He has openly spoken about his battles with addiction and the impact it had on his relationships. However, love provided a turning point. Meeting his now-wife, fellow artist Bunnie XO, became a catalyst for change. He embraced sobriety and poured his experiences into his music, resonating with audiences seeking vulnerability and authenticity.

Net Worth

Jelly Roll’s life has been muddled with a lot of challenges, ups and downs, and financial instability. However, one thing about the man that has been quite surprising about the rapper is his comeback every time life throws a curveball at him. At present, Jelly Roll’s net worth stands at $4 million, which is all thanks to his successful career as a rapper. He also earns through his merch sales, tours, and the brand endorsements he does.


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