Jade Bender Net Worth – How Much is the ‘Warren the Ape’ Star Worth?

Jade Bender Net Worth

If you liked watching the show “Warren the Ape”, chances are that you know who Jade Bender is. She is a famous American actress, entertainer, model, and social media influencer who have expanded her career through a series of new releases like Major Crimes, Night School, etc.

One of her latest releases, Senior Year, released in 2022 is another popular name that has managed to make her a household name. Working alongside leading female actresses like Rebel Wilson, Molly Brown, Mary Holland, etc. has also escalated her fame.

This article will explore more about Jade Bender, her popularity in the acting scene, early and personal life as well.

Early Life

Jade Bender was born on September 11, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. She was born to a well-off and reputed family in the United States, which contributed to her gaining initial traction in her career.

Her parents, Peggy Bender and Lon Bender are not only their daughter’s biggest fans but have supported her through every step of her career. There isn’t much information about Jade’s mother but reports suggest that Jade’s father is a famous illustrator.

Jade’s affinity towards music and content creation dates back to her childhood. She took part in a variety of activities and creative projects that she was introduced to at her school, which helped kick off her career in the entertainment industry.

Right from an early age, Jade has performed and acted in multiple commercials, which exposed her to the industry quite a bit. Besides these, there isn’t a lot of information available about Jade’s early life, especially involving her education and where she completed her higher education from.


As we highlighted before, Jade started acting from an early age and established her career being a child artist. She started working professionally taking part in different events and shows and even bagged a series of local commercials.

However, it wasn’t until Jade landed her television debut with “Warren the Ape” that things transformed for her career. It brought her mainstream popularity and even paved the way for future projects that she could partake in.

Following the success of the show, Jade went on to play the role of Jessie in the movie, Bad Night, which was released in 2015. Later in the same year, she went on to appear on the show, Teens Wanna Know.

The initial career further contributes to her success and even landed her another TV series named Major Crimes. In the show, she played the role of Alice. Later, she appeared in the show, A Cowgirl’s Story, and played the role of Alice.

One of her most recent projects that has hailed her a lot of fame is her appearance on the show, Senior Year. Jade has also gained a significant amount of following on her social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Personal Life

Although Jade has gained significant fame and popularity in her acting career, she is quite private about her personal life. She hasn’t publicly stated or shared who she is dating, so it’s safe to assume that the actress is currently single. Jade also keeps her name pretty controversy-free and hasn’t been falsely rumored with anyone.

Net Worth

Jade Bender has an estimated net worth of $200,000. Owing to her young age and her career taking off in the right direction, this looks like a pretty great start. Besides being active in the entertainment industry, Jade also owns properties, cars, and luxury items, which add to her overall net worth. We have no idea how things are going to transpire in her future, especially regarding her upcoming projects.


1. How old is Jade Bender?

Jade was born on September 11, 1997, which makes her 26 years old, as of 2023. She has gained a lot of fame in the past few years, thanks to her amazing acting skills.

2. What movies has Jade Bender been in?

Jade has performed in multiple movies and series but a few that are worth a shoutout include Bad Night, A Cowgirl’s Story, and Senior Year.

3. Who is Jade Bender in Never Have I Ever?

Jade portrayed the role of Blair Quan in the movie, Never Have I Ever. She is one of the most coveted actors in the series.