Is Ink Master Coming Back – When Is It Returning?

Ink Master Season 15

If you are enthusiastic about tattoos and like watching the behind-the-scenes, the process, and the creative side of things more competitively, Ink Master is a reality competition you’d probably want to watch from the start till the end.

This popular tattoo competition show aired on Spike (now Paramount Network) from 2012 to 2020, featuring tattoo artists from around the country competing in challenges to test their skills and creativity. With $100,000 as the cash prize for the winner, it sure became a popular show.

After 14 successful seasons, Paramount has now renewed the show for the 15th season and it is bound to release soon. More on that will be discussed in this article.

When is Ink Master Releasing?

Ink Master tattoo competition reality show, which airs on Paramount+ has already been renewed for a new season.

According to the reports, the show is set to return on November 01, 2023. The first three episodes of the show will be released on that date and further episodes will be released subsequently.

The wait has been quite long for the viewers, especially because the earlier season, Season 14, premiered in 2020 and since then the audience has not received any updates related to the show’s return.

What can we expect from Ink Master Season 15?

Ink Master Season 15 will pretty much follow the standard format that the reality show has followed for the previous 14 seasons.

However, we understand that there are people that have yet to watch the show and if you are one of them, let us explain the shows premise a little bit first. 

The show will feature a group of tattoo artists competing in challenges to test their skills and creativity. The challenges will range from small flash challenges to large-scale elimination tattoos.

But, the show’s premise isn’t limited to the challenges and competition because that is not what garners the views. Instead, it will also focus on drama, fights, and a whole lot of unexpected twists and turns between the contestants to spice things up. The high stakes that are involved in the show will reflect in the way things unfold, so that would be interesting to watch.

We don’t have much idea if the creators plan on changing things or introducing celebrity tattoo artists this season or not.

Who will return on Ink Master Season 15?

Joel Madden is returning to host Ink Master Season 15. Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Nikko Hurtado are also returning as judges. New judge DJ Tambe, a three-time Ink Master champion, is joining the panel this season.

  • Joel Madden

Joel Madden

  • Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Ryan Ashley Malarkey

  • Nikko Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado

  • DJ Tambe

DJ Tambe

We’d have to wait to see if anyone new is added to the panel. Besides that, we’d have the list of tattoo artists making their way into the show.


If you are a fan of reality television series and have been looking to watch something a bit different, Ink Master Season 15 is one you have to add to your watch list. The interesting plot and the conflicts and brewing rivalry will be interesting to watch.


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