Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal To Watch Anime? Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal

If you are a die-hard anime shows/movies lover, you must be aware of the struggle to find the one-stop- site where you can watch or download all your favorite shows/movies hassle-free. For such people, Gogoanime is nothing less than a savior with a tremendous collection of latest and old anime shows & movies. Those who don’t know, Gogoanime is a torrent site, specifically to download or stream various popular anime series online. Using this site, you can download or watch any popular anime series at any time from any place. But is Gogoanime safe and legal to use? Let’s find out.

Why Gogoanime is a popular anime site online? – Some Best Features

Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal

There is no doubt that Gogoanime is one of the most popular anime sites among anime lovers due to its vast collection and some of the noticeable features like:

  1. Multiple Genre Content Available: You can find all genre anime series on Gogoanime like action, drama, romance, comedy, music, game, mystery, horror, fantasy, etc., to watch online or download. You can access your favorite ones using its search bar.
  2. Updated Library: Gogoanime updates its library every day to add new anime shows or movies. So you will never miss any latest or popular show to stream.
  3. English Dubbing Available: Most of the series/movies available on Gogoanime come with English subtitles or English dubbing, making this platform more popular among users due to its language proficiency.
  4. HD Quality: The site allows you to download old & latest anime series in HD quality for the best watching experience.
  5. No Subscription Fees: One of the things that makes Gogoanime a popular anime site is its free service. There are no hidden charges or efforts you need to put. You can watch or download any of the available anime series online for free on this site.
  6. Fast Speed: Gogoanime is pretty fast and smooth than other anime sites. It is straightforward & convenient to use with fewer pop-up ads.
  7.  Easy-To-Navigate Interface: Its interface is pretty clean and easy to use. There are options like recently added, new seasons, watchlist, etc., to help you organize your streaming content in a simple way for seamless entertainment.

Is Gogoanime Safe to Use?

This is the most common question people ask online because they think that since it is a free site, the browsing content might be harmful to their device. But that is not the case with Gogoanime. The site is pretty safe to use unless you click on any irrelevant ad links.

The torrent links available on the site are genuine and trustworthy. You can safely download or watch anime series on Gogoanime in just a few simple steps without any fees. Just be cautious about using it in the right way without clicking on any inappropriate links.

Is Gogoanime legal to use?

Although Gogoanime is safe to use, it is not legal due to its online copyright infringement piracy. Gogoanime downloads the content from the official websites without their consent and uploads it on its server for free download or online streaming, making it illegal and banned in many countries.

But to stay safe, Gogoanime plays smart and keeps changing its URL, making it difficult for authorities to remove the site from the web. After researching a lot, we found two real Gogoanime websites:


Both these websites have similar collections to the Gogoanime site, with some redirecting links to download or watch online your favorite anime series. Here is the list of redirecting links of few sites that will take you to the same site just as .so or .vo do:

Redirecting Link same to website:


Redirecting Link same to website:


How to download videos from Gogoanime safely and securely?

To download anime shows for free in a safe & secure way, we have mentioned few ways which you can opt:

Method 1: Using Vidstream

1) Go to the Gogoanime website.

2) Click on the categories of anime shows and movies.

3) Use the search bar to find the latest anime show you are looking to download for free.

4) Open the resulting video and click on the “Download” button on the upper left side.

5) You will be directed to VidStream. Choose the link with the required resolution in which you want to download the video.

6) Click on the video link, and the download process will start. Save the video on your device and enjoy it anytime for free.

Method 2: Using 9X Buddy

Alternatively, you can also download Gogoanime content using 9X Buddy software. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Gogoanime and search for the anime show or movie you wish to download.
  2. Open the video and copy its URL to download using 9X buddy.
  3. Paste this URL in the 9X buddy box and Select the size, format, etc.
  4. Confirm Download by hitting on the download option.
  5. The download will start after a few seconds. Wait till it gets completed and enjoy it for free.

Method 3: Using Allavsoft

Allavsoft is a professional Gogoanime downloader that allows you to download any anime show or movie from Gogoanime in any format you want for free in a secure way. To download your favorite anime show or movie, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to Gogoanime and search for the category you are looking to watch or download. Use the search bar to find your favorite show or movie.
  2. Open the video and copy the URL. Then search for Allavsoft downloader in another browser.
  3. Open the downloader and paste the URL in the box.
  4. Allavsoft allows you to download the video in various formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV.
  5. Select the desired format and click on Download.
  6. The download will start in a few minutes, and you can enjoy your latest anime series for free anytime.

What are the Other Gogoanime Alternatives to watch or download anime series for free?

In many countries, Gogoanime is blocked due to pirated content. So, suppose you are also struggling to download your favorite anime shows or movies for free online. In that case, we have few popular Gogoanime alternatives for you to download or watch your favorite shows in HD quality without any fees:

Some legal Gogoanime alternatives:

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Crackle
  3. TubiTV
  4. Hulu

Some other Gogoanime Alternatives:

  1. Kiss Anime
  2. 9Anime
  3. Anime Planet
  4. Anime Frenzy
  5. Chia-Anime
  6. Anime Ultima
  7. Anime Show
  8. Anime Heaven
  9. Anime Land
  10. Anime Streams
  11. Anime Freak


Is Gogoanime a free platform?

Yes, gogoanime is a completely free platform that provides you with direct access to different anime shows, movies and other kinds of applications that you’d need to keep yourself informed. Just ensure that you keep your eyes peeled for this platform because it hosts third-party links to different shows where you can either download or stream them. You will face issues with the download process in some cases too.

Is Gogoanime a legal platform?

Although the platform is free, it is not necessarily a legal platform. The majority of the content on this platform is sourced from third-party platforms. So, the content isn’t legal and often relayed on the platform from copyrighted sources too. We’d recommend checking the true authenticity of the individual videos before you download them.

Do I have to register to access content on Gogoanime?

No, the good thing about gogoanime is that the platform is entirely free. You don’t have to pay any extra money and you also won’t have to worry about signing up or registering on the platform. In case you are confused about the same, we hope this answers your queries. You can open the homepage and navigate the content for free.


Being a responsible citizen of the country, we don’t encourage pirated content or websites in any way and request our readers to opt for only legal ways. The information mentioned above is solely for creating awareness, and we don’t encourage any such sites to download illegal content. Only use the legal sites with the subscription to download your favorite shows and write us in the comment section for any queries.


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