Is Chauncy Glover Married?

Is Chauncy Glover Married?

Chauncy Glover is a well-known TV anchor and journalist from America. He rose to fame for covering Christopher Chaney’s story who was arrested for hacking emails of top Hollywood celebrities.

Chauncy’s career went uphill when working at ABC13. Before that, he served as a fill-in reporter at WDIV in Detroit, Michigan.

Due to Chauncy’s career and social status, people are always eager to learn more about his personal life. One question everyone is curious about “Is Chauncy Glover married?” We will find that out and more about the famous journalist in the post below.

Is Chauncy Glover A Married Person?

The answer is yes! Chauncy Glover married a woman named Mayra Moreno, who is in the same profession as her husband. 

Mayra is currently working as a TV anchor and journalist for ABC-KTRK in Houston, Texas. As per reports, the two tied the knot on 17th September 2016, which means they have been married for a while now.

The couple dated for some time before taking the big step in their love life. During the dating period, they got to know each other better and decided to be together forever.

As far as Chauncy and Mayra’s children are concerned, it is not clear if the couple has conceived yet. Since they both are busy people and focusing on their careers, they might delay the decision to have a kid.

Chauncy Glover’s Age

Chauncy Glover was born on 10th July 1985, which means he is currently 39 years old. Originally, he is from Athens, Alabama, but moved to America to pursue a better career and life. Now he has American citizenship and never going back to his home country.

Chauncy built a successful career through sheer hard work and dedication. He enjoys a great reputation as a TV anchor and journalist. He has received praise from both the audience and colleagues for his excellent work. With his talent, he has made a strong impact in the reporting world.

Chauncy Glover’s Financial Success

Chauncy Glover is a rich man. He has earned a lot of money through his journalism career. His estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million, showcasing his hard work and dedication in his field.

Chauncy is also an Emmy Award winner. He received this award for his excellent reporting skills. Not only that but he has also made great contributions in the journalism field.

Chauncy Glover’s Impressive Career 

Throughout his career, Chauncy Glover has earned several awards and reached various milestones. He has proved himself to be an outstanding journalist and loved by all.

With his hard work, he built a strong foundation for his career. He earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Theatre, and Music, at Troy University. Additionally, he has a degree in Public Relations. 

With a strong work ethic and excellent reporting skills, he has left a lasting impression in the journalism field, and inspired budding journalists.

Final Words

After reading this post, it should be clear that Chauncy Glover is a married man. His wife is Maura Moreno, who works at the same news channel as him.

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