Impractical Jokers Net Worth in 2024: How Much Sal, Joe, Murr, & Q Make?

Impractical Jokers Net Worth

So many TV shows come and go, but the one that has stayed is Impractical Jokers. This is one show that people tune in to watch again and again.

The group of four fellas Sal, Murr, Joe, and Q surely knows how to keep the audience entertained. They have worked hard to make the show a success, and now reaping the fruits of their labor.

According to reports, the estimated net worth of the group is around $20 million. This means each member has approx. the net worth of $5 million. If you are intrigued to know more about Impractical Jokers, continue reading this post.

Quick Facts

Members name:Joseph “Joe” Gatto, Brian “Q” Quinn, James “Murr” Murray, and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano
Country of Origin:American
Source of Wealth:TV Game Show Host
Net Worth:$20 million
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2024

Early Life

Impractical Jokers comprises four members: Joseph “Joe” Gatto, Brian “Q” Quinn, James “Murr” Murray, and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano. All four of them have known each other since high school. They hail from Staten Island, New York.

They attended Monsignor Farrel High School and formed their first group, The Tenderloins in 1999. After winning the grand prize at “It’s Your Show,” the group entered the television world.


Back in 2008, they shot a pilot episode for a sitcom on Spike TV. However, the show was never aired. Initially, the name of Impractical Jokers was supposed to be Mission: Uncomfortable. Later TruTV decided to go with the name Impractical Jokers.

Impractical Jokers is a prank show, where the four fellas showcase their antics. Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr have been together since their high school days. They were also a part of the group The Tenderloins.

At the time when they pitched the idea of their hidden camera prank show, Murray was the VP of NorthSouth Productions. It’s the same company that produced the series.

It didn’t take much time for the show to become successful. All four members earned a lot of money from the show.

Other Ventures

Aside from the show, the guys have had other opportunities to make money. They have been on several comedy trips all across the country. They have also hosted cruises where they have entertained boatloads of people. The four pranksters are the best in their job and people love them for that.

The group appeared on the reality TV show, The Misery Index. They also have some projects that they do apart from each other. James has published several sci-fi books. Murr is the Sr. Vice President of Development at NorthSouth Productions. Sal has been invited to various TV shows like Bones and 12 Monkeys.

Net Worth and Earnings

Impractical Jokers first aired on TruTV in 2011. Since then the show has become immensely popular among viewers. The group of four men is comedic gold. They make people laugh with their antics.

According to reports, the net worth of the group is around $20 million. If we break it down, it means each member is earning $5 million.

Based on 2019 data, each member earns $50,000 per episode. Back in 2015, their paychecks were $26,000 per episode.