If Only Netflix Season 2 – Will There Be a Second Season?

If Only Netflix Season 2

Remember Emma, the unlucky traveler in time who navigated Parisian mishaps with a magical wish bracelet? ‘If Only’, the Spanish rom-com series, captured hearts with its charming premise and bittersweet twists.

With the kind of success that the show garnered with the first season, it isn’t surprising that the fans are now waiting for more news about the show’s revival. While the show hasn’t been canceled, Netflix has yet to shed light on the show’s future.

We have managed to bring together all the information we could find about If Only Season 2 on Netflix and have shared it all in this guide.

When is If Only Season 2 Released?

If Only Season 1 premiered in November 2022 and ever since the conclusion of the first season, the fans have been patiently waiting for more news about the show’s return but to no avail.

Netflix has yet to renew the show for Season 2, which has turned out to be one of the main reasons why the fans are skeptical and worried about the show’s future. Will it be canceled for good? Before we reach conclusions, we have to keep into account that the showrunners or the network have not shared any official cancellation news. So, we can remain hopeful of the fact that the show is likely to return in the future.

That said it has been over a year and with no news from the creators, things are starting to look a bit unstable about the show’s future.

What can we expect from If Only Season 2?

Expect the emotional rollercoaster to continue, with Emma grappling with the consequences of her past choices. Did she truly find happiness in the alternate reality? Is there a way to mend the broken hearts she left behind? 

New timelines and unexplored avenues of regret could unfold, pushing Emma to confront the true meaning of love and second chances. The stakes are likely to rise, with the time travel mechanics potentially becoming more complex and unpredictable. 

Will Emma become trapped in a web of her own making? Perhaps she’ll encounter other travelers, each with their burden of regrets and desires. The show’s signature blend of romance, drama, and sci-fi is sure to be taken to new heights, keeping us guessing at every turn.

The first season has left a lot of loopholes and open ends in the storyline, which need to be filled. So, if you are sitting there wondering what the new season has in store, it looks like you’d have to wait for an official trailer to get an idea about which direction the show is headed.

Who is returning on If Only Season 2?

If the show is renewed for a sequel by Netflix, there are 100% chance that the main cast from the first season will make a comeback. This would include:

  • Megan Montaner as Emma Castillanos 
  • Michel Noher as Rubén 
  • Miquel Fernández as Nando 
  • Eduardo Lloveras 
  • Salva Reina as Alfredo Fernández
  • Jael Pascual 
  • Boré Buika as Andrés 


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