How to Receive SMS for Registration on Online Services without Your Own Phone Number


Nowadays a significant part of websites and apps require users to verify their mobile phone numbers when signing up for an account. This feature becomes more and more common as it helps to identify every person and thereby reduces spam and fraudulent activity on services.

However, although it’s intended to improve user experience, there is also a disadvantage about this. Since going through verification is mandatory, those who don’t have an available phone number or for some reason can’t use it, become unable to complete registration. Below we will explain how to solve this issue effortlessly.

Using temporary phone numbers as a solution

Some people think that there is no way to complete mobile phone number verification without using a personal number. But this is wrong. Currently, this problem can be easily solved thanks to such a simple tool as temporary numbers.

This is literally what they have been designed for. Their main purpose is to receive nothing except text messages with verification codes required for registration. Doing this is possible because such numbers are very similar to regular phone numbers. They consist of the same number of digits and country dialing codes while working on the same mobile networks.

The only difference between these two types of numbers is that temporary numbers are used online. You don’t have to go anywhere in order to take advantage of them. Everything there to do for this is to visit a specialized website or app on the web and use its offers. The whole process takes no longer than a few minutes and can be performed from any country in the world, even if the task is to receive SMS online China, which is one of the most popular requests.

Supported online services

Temporary phone numbers are intended for use with different websites and apps. So, it is no surprise new users often wonder if they are suitable for registration on one or another platform. There is also often the opinion that they cannot be operated to sign up for high-risk services such as instant messengers and payment systems.

In fact, however, these numbers are accepted by every platform that gives the opportunity to verify a mobile phone number for account registration or verification purposes. Whether it is a social network, dating app, or food delivery service, registering for those with temporary numbers won’t become an issue. You can also use them not only for single sign-ups but to create multiple accounts on the same platform. This is possible because there are no restrictions on how many numbers can be used by one person. Every user is allowed to utilize numbers in unlimited quantities.

How to use temporary numbers to receive SMS?

Thanks to specialized services on the internet doing this is pretty simple. You don’t need any knowledge or hard skills. Platforms that provide temporary phone numbers have user-friendly designs that are easy to navigate and thereby cause no difficulties during operation for both experienced users and newcomers.

One such service is SMS-Man. This company has been providing numbers since 2017 and helped more than a million internet users to register with various websites and apps. Here is how to get temp phone number with them:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Use a suitable payment method from those that are available to top up your balance.
  3. Open the start page and select the country where the temporary number should be issued.
  4. Use the search feature to find a platform for registration.
  5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

The system will provide you with an appropriate temporary phone number immediately if it is in stock. The next step is simple. You need to copy the purchased number and use it as a regular phone number when signing up for the required service. There is nothing different about this process except for the fact that a text message with the verification code will arrive not on your mobile phone, but on the platform that provided you with the temporary number. Everything else is the same.