How To Create A Gift Collage For Valentine’s Day

How To Create A Gift Collage For Valentine’s Day

The romantic moments spent with your partner are precious. These are the memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to create a special photo collage to celebrate your love and togetherness.

You can create a Valentine’s collage to preserve the precious moments spent with your partner. It is such a romantic way to keep the good memories alive.

Whether you have a gallery full of images or just a handful of photos, gathering them all into a romantic Valentine’s collage can be a great gift idea for your partner.

The availability of numerous collage maker tools make the process much easier. This brings us to PosterMyWall, which is considered one of the best collage maker and designer tools around. Using this user-friendly tool, you can make romantic collages in no time.

PosterMyWall Overview

PosterMyWall is a popular graphic designing tool that makes collage making quick and easy. It is used by many for effortless designing.

It has an impressive collection of customisable collage layouts and templates. Unlike others, PosterMyWall updates their template collection daily. You can access new designs every day.

With PosterMyWall, you can create more than just a Valentine’s collage. It is an efficient designing tool that helps you create social media content, menus, flyers, posters, greeting cards, videos and much more.

PosterMyWall alone is enough to meet all your graphic designing requirements. It is a user-friendly application that doesn’t require any expertise to use it.

It has ready-made templates, stickers, animation, and more for every occasion. This tool can be used by both individual users and small businesses.

It provides some additional features such as social media scheduling, social media publishing, and email campaigns. With this tool, you can meet all your online promotional needs.

Despite all the exclusive features, PosterMyWall is affordable. It takes just $2.99 to download the design you have created.

How to make a Valentine’s collage using PosterMyWall?

Creating and designing a Valentine’s collage with PosterMyWall is super-easy and fun. It comes with a collage maker feature that helps you to create the perfect layout for your memorable moments. 

With just a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful Valentine’s collage. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Select the right photos for your gift collage

The first step is to select photos that have both of you in the picture. Since a collage is made using multiple images, you can pick all your favourite couple photos.

To make your collage look attractive, you should select only the good photos. We suggest you pick some of your best close up shots with your partner as they tend to look more appealing.

PosterMyWall allows you to select pictures both from your device’s photo gallery, Google Drive and Facebook account.

  • Pick a template

PosterMyWall provides a huge collection of Valentine’s collage templates and layouts. Choose a template based on the number of photos you have selected. It will automatically lay out all the pictures in the template that you have picked.

However, you can re-arrange or shuffle the pictures to your liking. Not just that, but you can also add borders and customize the collage to make it perfect.

  • Edit your collage 

Once your layout is ready with the selected photos, you can edit it to change the theme and colour of your gift collage.

You will be given multiple colour themes as options. You can choose from colours like red, green, sepia, white, etc. You can either stick to the standard red theme or try being creative.

Before finalising the colour theme, you can see the preview to determine how the collage looks.

  • Add a frame and insert captions

We have reached the final step, where you can highlight your photos by adding a frame of your choice. You can also insert a caption or text to make your collage more expressive.

Frames can be used to highlight center pictures. PosterMyWall provides various shapes and designs. You can either go funky or keep it simple, the choice is yours.

  • Add the final touches

In the final step you can make additional changes to your gift collage. For example, you can add texts or captions to multiple photos.

You should check out the PosterMyWall public gallery to look for creative ideas and inspiration.

  • Save and download your collage

After your gift collage is ready you can save it on your device. You can now download the collage and take a print out of it.

PosterMyWall provides you with multiple download options, ranging from basic image to high resolution.


Creating a Valentine’s collage with PosterMyWall is easy and quick. This tool has everything you need to create a lovely collage for your partner. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best collage maker today!