How to Choose the Best Lithium Ion Battery in India

How to Choose the Best Lithium Ion Battery in India

Lithium ion batteries are a new segment in the market of inverters and batteries. Since it is not as old as conventional batteries, many people are often confused about lithium ion batteries.  If you are also confused about the lithium battery’s price and features, then here is a comprehensive guide for you. This will help you build a better understanding of the lithium ion batteries and choose the best lithium ion battery in India.

lithium ion battery

What is a lithium ion battery?

Lithium ion batteries use lithium ions to store energy. These batteries are mostly used due to their high energy density and compact design. Owing to its high energy efficiency and high power density, lithium ion batteries have diverse applications in industrial sectors.

Lithium ion batteries do not only come with a better efficiency and performance but also provide a longer backup time and a better shelf life. If you want to find the best lithium ion battery in India, it is important to first understand what makes this battery better than the others.

Why choose a lithium ion battery?

Lithium ion batteries have following advantages over the conventional batteries:

  1. Lithium ion batteries are highly efficient and produce smooth output.
  2. Lithium ion batteries are strong and highly durable. They can even resist higher temperatures.
  3. The lightweight nature of the batteries make them easy to carry and store. These batteries occupy minimum space, so you do not have to worry about the storage space issue.
  4. Lithium batteries are portable, that means they can easily be transported from one point to another.
  5. They have a high energy density and power density.
  6. These batteries come with a low self discharge rate that maintains the constant state of charge. This in result contributes to a longer shelf life of the battery.
  7. Lithium ion batteries have a faster charging rate. They can be fully charged in around 1-3 hours. Additionally, lithium ion batteries are equipped with overcharge protection.
  8. Lithium ion batteries also excel at the safety aspect. There is no spillage risk or production of toxic fumes, which makes it completely safe to use. Also, these inverters come with BMS technology that provides extra protection.
  9. Low voltage drop is available in the lithium ion batteries. This supplies a constant power and adds on to the efficiency of the device.
  10. The lithium ion battery is also eco-friendly as it is completely recyclable. These batteries do not release harmful emissions in the environment, making it an ideal option for reducing pollution.

Best lithium ion battery in India

Luminous is already the leading manufacturer of inverters and batteries.  Luminous also offers an innovative inverter called Li-Ion 1250 inverter which comes with an inbuilt lithium battery. This amazing device provides a 3X faster rate of charging the battery and gives a 3X longer lifespan. The device comes with numerous such reasons that make it the best lithium ion battery in India.

The inverter is armed with a pure sine wave technology due to which it produces a quiet and smooth output. The sine wave outlet minimizes the harmonic distortions, giving a noiseless product. The inverter comes with hassle-free maintenance as no topping up is required. You also do not have to worry about frequently charging or discharging the battery.

Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS) technology present in the inverter enhances the health of the battery. There is also an advanced LCD display feature which keeps you updated about the status of the battery. It shows battery percentage, charging time, backup time, and statistics performance of the system.

These all features contribute to make it the best lithium ion battery in India. You can buy the lithium ion inverter to power your appliances smoothly and to save your money in the long run.