Home For Christmas Season 3 – When Is It Returning?

Home For Christmas Season 3

Johanne’s quest for Christmas companionship resumes! Netflix’s heartwarming Norwegian rom-com, Home for Christmas, has officially confirmed a third season, and fans are eager to see if Johanne finally snags her Yuletide sweetheart.

The lack of information about the show’s return has left a lot of fans wondering if the show’s future is undecided at this point. To be fair, there seem to be a lot of what-ifs surrounding the release at this point.

We have managed to scour the internet for details about Home for Christmas Season 3 and its eventual release down the line.

When is Home for Christmas Season 3 Releasing?

Netflix has not commented anything regarding the show’s renewal for Season 3 just yet. So, it looks like we’d have to wait for details about the show’s return down the line.

The show is one of those feel-good shows that you simply can’t brush to the side, so it would be disappointing if Netflix ends up scraping the show for good. However, Netflix has not said anything about an eventual cancellation, so we are good on that front.

Some of the rumors are indicating a potential 2024 release, so that would be interesting to see if that ends up happening. The second season wrapped up in 2020, so it has been quite some time since then. A 2024 or even a 2025 release does seem practical.

All that said, we also have to keep in mind that the show needs to be renewed by the network first, following which the release date is announced.

What can we expect from Home from Christmas Season 3?

After two seasons of juggling potential partners, Johanne might finally delve into what kind of love she truly desires. This season could explore the nuances of relationships, personal growth, and embracing singlehood while embracing family and friends.

Johanne’s quirky family is a highlight of the show, and Season 3 promises more hilarious (and slightly chaotic) holiday gatherings. Expect awkward encounters, heartwarming moments, and a dash of family secrets sprinkled with some festive cheer.

Johanne may embark on unexpected journeys, be it a career shift, a new hobby, or even a surprising travel escapade. This opens the door for fresh characters and relationships, adding new twists and turns to her ongoing quest for happiness.

In short, we can expect the third season to bring forth a lot of fun and heartwarming moments that should keep you fulfilled. However, we’d also recommend that you catch up with the first two seasons, especially if you want to get a better idea of how things will pan out in the next season.

Who is returning to Home from Christmas Season 3?

At this point, the third season will be a big reunion of all the cast members from the first and second seasons. If you have yet to watch those, get that out of the way first.

Following are the expected cast to return in Season 3:

  • Felix Sandman 
  • Ida Elise 
  • Broch Gabrielle 
  • Leithaug Hege 
  • Schøyen Dennis 
  • Storhøi Line 
  • Verndal Oddgeir 
  • Thune Anette 
  • Hoff Eric Curtis Johnson


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