Holey Moley Season 5 – Has ABC Cancelled the Show?

Holey Moley Season 5

If you are tired of watching the same old television shows and reality series and have been looking for something a bit different, Holey Moley is the perfect dose of entertainment that you need. This is a popular miniature golf competition series, which has four successful seasons under its belt.

While the fans have been patiently waiting for news about the show’s renewal for Season 5, it looks like ABC has something else in mind because the network has canceled the show. But, there is a lot of confusion too.

We have gathered all the information that’s available about Holey Moley Season 5 and its eventual release in the future.

When is Holey Moley Season 5 Releasing?

Getting to witness amateur golfers have the time of their lives on the course is probably a fun experience for the audience. However, with everything happening, the possible return of the show with Season 5 seems to be quite impossible at this point.

There are rumors that ABC has canceled the show, meaning that it’s not returning with a new season anytime in the future.

However many fans have reported that the reports about the show’s cancellation have not come from official sources yet. So, there are chances that it will return sometime in the future.

In case ABC decides to revive the show for Season 5, we can expect the return to either be in 2024 or 2025, not before that.

What can we expect from Holey Moley Season 5?

Season 5 promises to deliver an even more exhilarating and unpredictable experience than ever before. Expect to see new and mind-blowing challenges that will push the limits of the contestants’ golfing skills and comedic timing. 

The show’s signature blend of high-stakes competition, light-hearted humor, and heartwarming moments will continue to captivate audiences of all ages.

The format of the show has remained pretty consistent throughout the first three seasons, so we can expect that the same would be the case in Season 5 as well. Whether or not the creators decide to switch things up in the new season would be interesting to watch as well.

At this point, there is no confirmation about the show’s line-up but some rumors indicated about possibilities of celebrities being in the line-up of the players, which we think is quite fun and interesting too.

Who is returning to Holey Moley Season 5?

When Holey Moley is renewed for Season 5, we can expect the main cast to come back, including:

  • Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle
  • Stephen Curry
  • Jessi Cruickshank

It would be interesting to see what the lineup of the players would be in the new season.


Holey Moley Season 5 has a lot of expectations associated with it. Fans are hopeful that ABC won’t end up canceling the show altogether and instead keep on bringing more fun elements to the show’s premise. At this point, there is a 50-50 chance of a potential return, so we’d have to see what happens.


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