Hierarchy Season 1 – When Is The New K-Drama Releasing?

Hierarchy Season 1

Netflix has some exciting news for K-drama fans. The streaming giant has announced a new K-drama called “Hierarchy,” starring Roh Jeong-Eui and Lee Chae-Min.

Hierarchy Season 1 (K Drama) is all about a transfer student who shakes things up at an elite high school. Imagine walking into a place where there’s a strict order, and then suddenly, someone comes along and turns it all upside down. That’s exactly what happens when Kang-Ha, played by Lee Chae-Min, steps into Jooshin High School.

Behind the camera, we have got director Bae Hyun-Jin, known for his work on “Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow,” and writer Choo Hye-Mi. If you want more information about this upcoming show, we suggest you give this post a read.

When is Hierarchy Season 1 releasing?

Hierarchy season 1 is slated to hit the screens on 7th June 2024. The show will be exclusively released on Netflix, meaning you will have to subscribe to the platform to watch it.

Hierarchy Season 1 brings together a powerhouse cast, featuring the likes of Roh Jeong-Eui, Kim Jae-Won, and Lee Chae-Min. To give the audience a sneak peek into the storyline, Netflix also dropped a trailer.

The trailer shows a fancy high school called Jooshin, where everything looks perfect on the outside but there’s trouble underneath. Even though a student died mysteriously, life at the school seems normal. 

At Jooshin, keeping things orderly is very important, and the top 0.01% of students are in charge. But everything changes when Kang-Ha, a new student, arrives. Kang-Ha doesn’t fit in with the rich kids at the school, especially Ri-An, who’s set to inherit the Jooshin Group. 

Their conflict gets intense when Ri-An warns Kang-Ha about the school’s strict rules, But Kang-Ha doesn’t back off and causes a scandal by kissing Ri-An’s girlfriend, Jung Jae-Yi, who’s the most popular girl in school.

What can we expect from Hierarchy Season 1?

Created by Chu Hye-mi, the show delves into the life of a mysterious transfer student who makes a chaotic entry at the Jooshin High School. This institution is ruled by the elite top 0.01% of South Korean students, who dictate everything from rules to social hierarchy.

According to the show’s synopsis, when Kang Ha, the student protagonist, steps into the prestigious Jooshin High School, he sets off a chain of events involving friendship, love, compassion, and revenge. It’s a rollercoaster ride that explores the dynamics of privilege and power in the elite world of conglomerates.

Who is cast in Hierarchy Season 1?

Netflix has already revealed the cast line-up of Hierarchy season 1. The show features familiar faces from the industry. Fans who are eagerly waiting for the premiere day will want to know the actors cast in the show.

Here’s a brief rundown for you all:

  • Roh Jeong Eui as Jeong Jae Yi
  • Ji Hye Won as Yoon He Ra
  • Lee Chae Min as Kang Ha
  • Kim Jae Won as Kim Ryan
  • Lee Won Jung as Lee Won Jung
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