Hell’s Paradise Season 2: Is a Second Season On Its Way?

Hell’s Paradise Season 2

Following mega-hits such as Jujitsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man, Yuji Kaku had come up with yet another brilliant stroke of art, Hell’s Paradise. A part of the “Dark Trio”, as the three hits are considered, Hell’s Paradise won the hearts of its viewers following its first season. That is why the fans are waiting with such anticipation for a second season.

Is a second season at all in the making? If so, then when can the fans expect it to be made available to them? Perhaps you are an ardent fan of the show. Perhaps as a fan of the other works of the creator, you wish to give this anime series a chance as well. 

If you fall under either of those two categories then we have a recap of the first season plot and some possible and probable speculations regarding the new season of Hell’s Paradise jotted down below.

What is the release date of Hell’s Paradise season 2?

The studio that is to produce the anime series has not yet come up with any official notice regarding season 2 of Hell’s Paradise. It is also natural. MAPPA, the studio which is to release the anime series Hell’s Paradise, has its hands full at the moment. It already has many follow-up seasons of various ongoing shows lined up. MAPPA will be done with all its commitments by the end of 2023.

Even though the fans are eagerly waiting for a second season of Hell’s Paradise, and quite understandably so, their wait is not going to be over soon. A potential season 2 of Hell’s Paradise seems to be possible only around the beginning of 2024.

What is the plot of Hell’s Paradise season 2?

Gabimaru the Hollow is captured and is to be executed following an assassination mission. However, a twist occurs when it is seen that nothing seems to affect the character. His superhuman body resists any form of disease. 

The executioner, Yamada Asaemon, strikes a deal with Gabimaru whereby all the offenses of the latter will be pardoned if he agrees to go on a quest to find the elixir of life along with Yamada in the legendary and fantastic realm of Shinsenkyo.

Season one of the show follows the story arc of the manga right up till the end of the Lord Tensen arc. Season 2 is to follow the alliance of the executioners and criminals that have been formed to retrieve the elixir of life. The adventures and trials that they undergo during their escape from the island are what season 2 would be focusing on. The characters and the fans hardly expect it to be a smooth ride.

What is the cast of Hell’s Paradise season 2?

Here is a list of the characters that would be making an appearance in Hell’s Paradise Season 2. JP stands for the original Japanese voices of the characters and EN represents the dubbed voices.

  • Gabimaru – Chiaki Kobayashi (JP) / Alejandro Saab (EN)

Chiaki Kobayashi

  • Sagiri – Yumiri Hanamori (JP) / Marisa Duran (EN)

Yumiri Hanamori

  • Yuzuriha – Rie Takahashi (JP) / Jill Harris (EN)

Rie Takahashi

  • Senta – Daiki Yamashita (JP) / Jordan Dash Cruz (EN)

Daiki Yamashita

  • Gantetsusai Tamiya – Tetsu Inada (JP) / Phil Parsons (EN)

Tetsu Inada

  • Fuchi Yamada Asaemon – Aoi Ichikawa (JP) / Justin Briner (EN)

Aoi Ichikawa

  • Shion – Chikahiro Kobayashi (JP) / Reagan Murdock (EN)

Chikahiro Kobayashi

  • Nurugai – Makoto Koichi (JP) / Cassie Ewulu (EN)

Makoto Koichi


The fans can expect the second season of Hell’s Paradise to make its premier as soon as its production studio is done with its other jobs at hand. The series is expected to maintain the brilliance that the first season of the show delivered.