Hello Tomorrow Season 2 – Is It Happening Soon?

Hello Tomorrow Season 2

A fan of retro-futuristic comedy series? If yes, Apple TV+’s Hello Tomorrow is a show that brings a unique blend of humor, science fiction, and drama to the table. The first season was a massive hit among the fans and the critics.

If you are completely new, it follows Jack Billings who is a salesman who uses his charm to pitch time-shares on the moon. The show takes you through his and his friend’s life journey. The quirks and the relatability of the show are quite refreshing to watch.

With the successful completion of the first season, the fans are now curious to know about Hello Tomorrow Season 2 and its release. We have all the details here.

When is Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Releasing?

The most common question that fans have regarding Season 2 is, “Is it even happening?” The first season ended in April 2023 and since then, the fans have been frantic about a new season’s release.

One huge disappointment is that Apple TV+ has yet to renew the show for Season 2. So, that has left some of the fans wondering if the show would eventually return with a new season or not.

But, we also need to understand that things are still at an earlier stage. So, it is quite early to conclude outright. The only thing that potentially confirms an eventual return is with how they ended the first season. 

What can we expect from Hello Tomorrow Season 2?

If you have not watched the first season, be warned that there will be a few spoilers along the way, so skip if you don’t want to read it.

The ending of Season 1 left Jack and his team in a precarious situation, with their lunar launch scheme on the verge of collapse and their personal lives in turmoil. 

If renewed, Season 2 is likely to explore the fallout from these events and delve deeper into the character’s backstories and motivations. We can expect to see more of the show’s signature retro-futuristic world, with its flying cars, robot bartenders, and quirky gadgets.

In short, there is a lot that’s left to be explored in the show and Season 2 seems like a mandate for the audience. It would be interesting to see which direction the show would be headed towards though. We’d have to see how things pan out.

Who is returning to Hello Tomorrow Season 2?

If Hello Tomorrow Season 2 happens, we can expect a lot of amazing casts to return, including:

  • Billy Crudup as Jack Billings

Billy Crudup

  • Haneefah Wood as Shirley Stedman

Haneefah Wood

  • Hank Azaria as Eddie Nicholls

Hank Azaria

  • Alison Pill as Myrtle Mayburn

Alison Pill

  • Nicholas Podany as Joey Shorter

Nicholas Podany

  • Dewshane Williams as Herb Porter

Dewshane Williams


Hello Tomorrow Season 2 is expected to bring a blend of humor, drama, and a whole lot of fiction to the table. But, we have to understand that expecting a rapid announcement right after a few months of the first season ending seems like a stretch. We’d have to wait to see what Apple TV+ has in store.


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