‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63: How Was the Season Received by the Audience?

‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63

Before you get confused with the number of seasons the show has, be assured that it has gained the kind of popularity for all the right measures. It is a comedy TV show produced by Hat Trick Productions and airs on BBC. 

Although the first season of the show premiered in 1990, somehow the show has managed to keep its audience around, making it complete 63 seasons. The said season is already live on BBC, which means that you can access it and watch it.

This article will explore more about ‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63, its availability, and its plot.

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What is the Plot of ‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63?

As we just mentioned, ‘Have I Got News for You’ is a comedy TV show that focuses on a real-time political quiz, leaving the audience with important information and big laughs at the same time.

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The quiz show is based on events or news that happened within the last week or so, keeping the topics of discussion fairly fresh and new.

The show is quite light-hearted but the comedic timing, presentation, and overall script make it a pretty great watch.

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When is ‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63 Releasing?

‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63 has already been released. The 63rd season first premiered on April 01, 2022.

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There are nine episodes in the season with pretty amazing teams and an interactive script. Since then, another season of the show has already been released. At present, ‘Have I Got News for You’ is on its 65th season, which is reportedly premiering on April 14, 2023.

If you are wondering about the premise, it keeps on changing with each episode, so it’s difficult to stick to one.

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Who is cast in ‘Have I Got News for You’ Season 63?

The cast of the show keeps on switching because it is done with teams and participants for each episode.

You can find Deayton as the host alongside Hislop and Merton as the team captains. However, even this is subject to change from one episode to the other.

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With the constant progression of this show, it looks like ‘Have I Got News for You’ isn’t ending any time soon. Not only has the 63rd season been released, but the show has also gotten two more seasons succeeding that, which are pretty big hits too.

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