Happy Pongal Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Whatsapp Status & Shayari To Celebrate The Harvest Festival With Joyful

Happy Pongal Wishes
Happy Pongal Wishes

With the arrival of January, it’s once again time to celebrate the great harvest festival called Pongal.

Pongal is a hugely popular festival celebrated primarily in South India, in the regions of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It is a four-day-long festival dedicated to the Sun God.

This auspicious festival signifies prosperity and abundance. During this four-day festival, people send happy Pongal Wishes to their family, friends, and acquaintances. People greet each other to spread the warmth and joy of the festival.

Happy Pongal Wishes & Messages

Happy Pongal Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Whatsapp Status & Shayari To Celebrate The Harvest Festival With Joyful

Happy Pongal Wishes
Happy Pongal Wishes

Where to find Pongal messages and wishes?

Pongal Wishes
Pongal Wishes

Not everyone is skilled enough to curate warm and heartfelt Pongal Messages. Most of us rely on ready-made messages when it comes to greeting people. If you are looking for meaningful Pongal wishes and messages, the internet is the place for you.

The internet is a storehouse of millions of Pongal messages. You will find several websites offering wishes, messages, and quotes that are specially written for this auspicious festival. All you need to do is download some of these messages and send them to your friends and family.

The best part of downloading Pongal wishes is that most of them are free. Go to any of the top-ranking websites and look for messages you like. If the message is in picture format, you will need to download them. But if the message is in text format, you can simply copy and paste it to the person who you want to greet.

Happy Pongal 2024 Wishes

Happy Pongal 2024 Wishes
Happy Pongal 2024 Wishes

Wishing that this festival brings good luck and prosperity and hoping that it is joyous, and fills your days ahead with happiness. Have a wonderful Pongal


Wishing you & your family a very Happy Pongal. May the almighty bless you all with the best of health, wealth and prosperity. Wishing you a Happy Pongal 2024!

Why sending Pongal messages are important?

Happy Pongal SMS
Happy Pongal SMS

Pongal is an important festival in the South. It is celebrated to mark prosperity, abundance, success, and good luck. Like all other festivals, Pongal is celebrated the best with your family, friends, and dear ones.

Greeting or sending Pongal wishes to others is a way of including them in your celebration. When you forward a Pongal message to someone, it shows that you remember the person during this auspicious festival. You want them to wish you a year full of joy, love, and happiness. Through these messages, you can convey your good wishes to the person. 

Sending Pongal wishes also reflects your enthusiasm and excitement about the festival. By forwarding meaningful messages, you are spreading love and warmth to others.

You should send Pongal messages not only to your loved ones but also to people you know. Download multiple messages, so you can send something different to everyone.

Happy Pongal 2024 Messages

Happy Pongal Messages
Happy Pongal Messages

“May the sweetness of jaggery, milk, and these dry fruits bring the sweetest wishes to you and your family. Happy Pongal 2024”


Wish you a very Happy Pongal 2024, Pot rice to Sun God, Sugarcane to Cow and Ox, Sweet rice to You and Me, Good milk to Friends and Family.

Types of Pongal Wishes

Pongal Messages
Pongal Messages

There are different types of Pongal wishes available on the internet. The most common type of wishes includes:

  • Pongal messages

These messages are usually meaningful and are perfect for sending the elderly members of your family. You can also send these messages to your boss and colleagues.

  • Pongal status

Downloading Pongal Status can be beneficial in many ways. This is especially true for people who have a long list of contacts to wish. Instead of messaging everyone individually, you can put up a Pongal status on your WhatsApp story and greet everyone at once. This is not only quick but will help you save a lot of time as well.

  • Pongal quotes

Pongal Quotes are similar to Pongal messages. They are meaningful and pleasing to read. You can consider sending Pongal quotes to your partner, parents, or people with who you are close. Through these quotes, wish them good luck and success for the rest of the year.

  • Pongal images

Pongal images are usually very colourful and accompanied by a short message. If you find sending plain text messages boring, you can use images to make your wishes exciting. These types of Pongal wishes are perfect for someone who is junior or of your age. Like your friends, kids, siblings, and others.

  • Pongal videos

Many people prefer videos over text messages. If you are one of them, you will find plenty of short video clips that are specially created to celebrate this occasion. If you don’t like the videos online, you can create your videos using various apps.

  • Pongal GIFs

Nowadays, GIFs have become extremely popular, especially among the young generation. You will find tons of exciting and creative Pongal based GIFs on the internet. Even the keyboard of your phone may have GIFs. Check whether you have the GIF option on your keyboard. If yes, you can search and download Pongal GIFs from there. You will also find many apps using which you can create your GIFs.

Pongal Status

Happy Pongal 2024 Status

Happy Pongal Status
Happy Pongal Status

“On this auspicious day of the year do not forget to celebrate the gifts of life. Show your gratitude to the almighty for every blessing you have in your life. Happy Pongal 2024”


Begin this year with love and Smile forget All your worries for a while wish you Happiness and All of the cheer lets celebrate. Happy Pongal 2024

This four-day-long festival calls for celebration. With Pongal wishes, quotes, and messages, you can make your celebration lively. The more wishes you send out, the more happiness you spread.

Pongal is just a week away. If you haven’t prepared your Pongal wishes and greetings yet, you should do it now. Celebrate the great harvest festival with full joy and happiness.

Pongal Quotes
Pongal Quotes

Happy Pongal 2024 Quotes

Happy Pongal Quotes
Happy Pongal Quotes

“May this harvest festival diminish all your worries and fears from your life and fill your heart with calm and healthy thoughts. Happy Pongal 2024”

Happy Pongal 2024 Captions

Happy Pongal Captions

“Let us meet, greet and eat together with this auspicious decoration and beautiful kolams. Wish you a very Happy Pongal 2024”

Happy Pongal 2024 Shayari

Happy Pongal Shayari

Happy Pongal 2024 Greetings

Happy Pongal Greetings

“Wear the most beautiful kanjeevaram sari from your closet and celebrate this festival of happiness with love and joy. Happy Pongal 2024”


Hope you rejoice in the charm of your tradition! Wish you & your family a very Happy Bogi Pongal, Pongal, Mattu Pongal!

Happy Pongal 2024 Cards

Happy Pongal Cards

“Sending you out the most fortunate warm wishes on the happy occasion of Pongal, have lots of fun and enjoy your every moment. Happy Pongal 2024”