Happy 1/1/2021: Best Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Shayari, Wallpapers & Images to share on 1st of January

Happy 1st of January 2021

A new year marks the beginning of a new venture for almost all of us. It is a chance to rebuild ourselves and take a break from the past monotonous lifestyle. In a nutshell, a new year is all about achieving an optimistic approach to life altogether. We all understand this, but it always helps when someone close to you provides you with a similar validation as well. This year, be the friend that you would like. Be the friend who is there to give their friends the slight push that they need to get ahead in life. While there are so many ways to do it, one of the simplest and easiest ones is to wish them on the break of the new year with a heartfelt message.

Happy 1/1/2021: Best Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Shayari, Wallpapers & Images to share on 1st of January

Happy 1st of January 2021

Why should you wish your friends?

This is a question that may have crossed your mind. Your friends know that you love them and so do you. Then what is the need to wish them on a separate note and make a big deal out of it? It is just that sometimes it is what makes a big deal out of.

Sometimes we might not even guess what another person could be going through in their life. At that point, if they receive a heartfelt optimistic message from their friend, it’s more than a validation to them that everything will get sorted out in the end.

Sometimes even though we know for a fact about something, it just helps to boost our feet about the same if we find a friend to lean on and have them say it out loud to us. So even if your friends do know that the new year asks of them to leave their old heartbreaks and grievances, and missed opportunities, and give another chance to themselves. 

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1/1/2021 Images to share on 1st of January 2021

1/1/2021 Images
1/1/2021 Images


Happy 1st January Images


1st January Images


Happy 1st January Wallpapers


1st January pics


Happy 1st January DP

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How can you wish your friends? 

1st January Images for Whatsapp

Getting new your wishes on the net is not a very difficult job. In this aspect, it is good to take note of some of the key points of a good and heartfelt wish that you could send to your friends.

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Keep in mind that they are going to get various wishes all through the day anyway. You must, as their friend send them a wish you know they would appreciate. It would also be a bonus if they wish was in their mother tongue. It would be closer to their hearts. Happy 1st January Wishes would be something your friend living away from family would appreciate. It would be like a taste of home for him. Getting images too is a great option. In that case, you could just get some images downloaded from the internet or make your personalized wish with an image of you and your friend(s) in the background. 

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Happy 1st of January 2021: Wishes

Happy 1st of January 2021 Wishes


Happy 1st January Wishes


Happy 1st January Status 2021

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Happy 1st of January 2021: Messages

Happy 1st January 2021 Messages


Happy 1st January Quotes


Happy 1st January Messages

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Happy 1st of January 2021: Greetings

Happy 1st January 2021 Greetings


Happy 1st January Greetings

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1. Is a new year wish necessary?

A new year wish can do more wonders than one could reason. It hits on the emotions of the people and urges them to move forward. You may not even know, but the 1st of January messages that you had sent to your Gujarati friend might have made his day that day!

2. Can you send pictures and videos as wishes?

You can send everything starting from images to GIFs to videos or just small messages. As long as they convey your feelings to the other person, you are good to go. You can even get the 1st of January Status for your friend and post them by tagging them in it. 

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