Guardians Of The Glades Season 3 – What New Threats Will the New Season Bring?

Guardians Of The Glades Season 3

Deep in the heart of the Florida Everglades, a silent war rages against the ecosystem’s delicate balance. Invasive Burmese pythons, voracious predators, threaten to tip the scales, and the “Guardians of the Glades” stand as the last line of defense.

Sometimes, you come across gripping documentaries that are here to change the trajectory of how you think about things. With how amazing the first two seasons are, it makes sense that the fans are hoping for a new season soon.

To give you a holistic idea about Guardians Of the Glades Season 3 and its release date, we have streamlined all the information in here.

When is Guardians Of the Glades Season 3 Releasing?

Discovery Channel, the show’s broadcaster, has yet to confirm a release date. However, considering the popularity of the first two seasons and the ongoing python threat, a new season seems inevitable.

However, all that said, if you are expecting the show to be renewed pretty much immediately, that is most likely not going to happen anytime soon. There are a lot of factors at play and it looks like we’d have to settle for an extended wait at this point.

Creating such an extensive docu-series is never an easy production feat, so to expect a new season right off the bat would be too much. So, it makes sense that some of the sources are indicating a 2025 release down the line.

What can we expect from Guardians Of the Glades Season 3?

Before we delve into what the third season could have in store, it makes sense for you to catch up on the first two seasons. If you don’t familiarize yourself with the show’s plot and progress, there are chances that you will most likely not know how to navigate through the show in the future.

That said, the following are a few possibilities we could uncover in Season 3:

  • The show will likely delve deeper into the ecological impact of the pythons, exploring their effect on native species and the delicate Everglades ecosystem.
  • Dusty Crum and his team will showcase their latest strategies for capturing and eliminating these elusive reptiles, pushing the boundaries of python removal.
  • The fight against the pythons is not without its internal struggles. Expect to see tensions rise between different snake removal groups competing for territory and recognition.
  • As always, “Guardians of the Glades” will weave in the personal stories of the team members, highlighting their dedication, struggles, and triumphs in the face of danger.

There are a lot of possibilities that could work around for the show, so all we can do at this point is wait and watch what’s next in line.

Who is returning to Guardians of the Glades Season 3?

Since we don’t have any information about the official release date, it makes sense that we wouldn’t know what we can expect in Season 3 of the show.

But, we can remain hopeful that the new season will return with the main cast, including:

  • Dusty Crum
  • Tommy Graves
  • Brandon Germain
  • Jessica Matthews


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