Good Omens Season 3 – Has the Show Been Renewed Yet?

Good Omens Season 3

The world held its breath as the apocalypse was averted (again) in Good Omens season 2. But fear not, fans of the delightfully chaotic angel Aziraphale and the surprisingly endearing demon Crowley!

Amazon Prime Video has officially greenlit a third and final season, promising another round of witty banter and celestial shenanigans. So, if you have been patiently waiting for more news about the show’s return sometime in the future, your wait is finally over.

We will take a look at all the details about Good Omens Season 3 and everything you need to know about its eventual release.

When is Good Omens Season 3 Releasing?

The only thing about Good Omens Season 3 that we know is the fact that the show has been renewed for a third season already. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that we have no idea what’s next or when the release date of the show is.

In July 2023, series creator Neil Gaiman hinted on social media that season three was already planned and plotted. However, production was delayed due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Assuming the strike is resolved in 2024, and filming can begin soon after, an optimistic release window could be early 2026.

Shows like these take time when it comes to production, specifically around one year. So, if they are currently in the process of production, we can remain hopeful that the show will be released either in 2025 or later.

What can we expect from Good Omens Season 3?

Since Season 2 concluded with the averted apocalypse and the (somewhat reluctant) partnership between Aziraphale and Crowley solidified, Season 3 promises to explore uncharted territory.

The averted apocalypse might not be entirely smooth sailing. Heaven and Hell might not be too happy with their agents’ disobedience, leading to potential repercussions for Aziraphale and Crowley.

With the apocalypse out of the picture, a new threat entirely could surface, forcing the unlikely duo to once again join forces. This threat could be supernatural, or perhaps a more earthly one, testing their newfound partnership.

Season 3 could delve deeper into the characters’ journeys. We might see Aziraphale grapple with his defiance of Heaven and Crowley confront his growing fondness for humanity.

Given Neil Gaiman’s penchant for exploring different timelines, Season 3 could take a futuristic turn, showcasing the long-term consequences of Aziraphale and Crowley’s actions and the state of the world they helped shape.

Season 2 left a few dangling threads. We might finally learn the identity of the mysterious figure watching over Adam Young, and the fate of the witch Agnes Nutter might be explored further. At this point, the possibilities are endless, so we’d have to see how things pan out.

Who is returning to Good Omens Season 3?

Like the previous two seasons, even the final season of the show will return with its main cast, including:

  • Michael Sheen 
  • David Tennant 
  • Jon Hamm 
  • Miranda Richardson 
  • Nina Sosanya
  • Maggie Service 
  • Quelin Sepulveda
  • Gloria Obianyo 
  • Doon Mackichan