Goliath Season 5 – Has It Been Cancelled?

Goliath Season 5

Amazon Prime Video has some underrated gems that many viewers have either not watched or aren’t aware of. If you are a fan of courtroom drama and like exploring similar storylines and shows, Goliath is one of those shows you won’t regret indulging in.

Ever since its premiere in 2016, Goliath has undergone a lot of improvements and unexpected storylines that have left the audience floored. But, that said, you can’t deny the fact that binge-watching Goliath is very much a well-deserved treat.

If you are awaiting more insights regarding Goliath Season 5 and its potential release date, we have all the information sorted out for you in this guide.

When is Goliath Season 5 Releasing?

The fourth season of Goliath was released in 2021 and since then, the fans have been awaiting more news regarding the release of the fifth season and it looks like the possibilities of the show’s return are very slim.

Now, before you reach conclusions, let us give you some clarifications. The creators of the show and even the network confirmed that the fourth season would be the end of this courtroom drama. While the fans were anticipating more news about a possible return, it looks like that might not be on the cards anymore.

The fans are upset that they won’t get to witness Billy Bob Thornton’s return and that has been nothing if not painful. However, while it is true that saying goodbye to such a remarkable series is painful, we can’t deny the fact that the storyline has come to an end and the creators don’t want to stretch things beyond its need.

So, if you were awaiting news regarding the release of Goliath Season 5, it is unfortunately not coming anytime soon (or ever).

What can we expect from Goliath Season 5?

We cannot expect anything from Goliath Season 5, because it has already been announced that the fourth season is the show’s last. This is because Billy Bob Thornton, who plays the lead role of Billy McBride, only signed up for four seasons. 

He has also said that he feels like the right time to end the show is now. However, there has been some talk about a possible spin-off series, so we may see some of the other characters from Goliath again in the future.

So, it sounds a bit bittersweet at this point. However, if Season 5 were to happen, we are pretty sure that things would have escalated further and a lot of it would have to do with how good the story arc was with this show.

We could have seen more cases being presented and solved, leading to unearthing a lot of unexpected storylines along the way. That said, we, as the audience have to accept that the show is most likely never returning. 

That said, if you are sitting there stuck and disappointed, you can binge-watch the first four seasons of the show that are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Who is Returning to Goliath Season 5?

Since Season 4 was the last for this series, there’s no point discussing anything related to the potential cast of Goliath Season 5 since it is not happening at all. However, as we came to know, the lead, Billy Bob Thornton would most likely have not returned if Season 5 were to happen.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton

  • Nina Arianda

Nina Arianda

  • Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde

  • Diana Hopper

Diana Hopper

  • William Hurt

William Hurt


Goliath Season 5 isn’t a possibility but you still have four amazing seasons to look back on. If you are upset about the show ending, think of it as a complete full circle end. The creators and Billy didn’t want to exaggerate the plotline more than what was needed, so it made sense for them to end it after Season 4.


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