Go Live Your Way Season 3 – Has Netflix Dropped the Show?

Go Live Your Way Season 3

In the last few years, we have witnessed a significant increase in show cancellations without any prior warning. So, it isn’t surprising that the fans of Go Live Your Way on Netflix are worried that the show’s fate has come to an end.

The Argentinian drama ended with a cliffhanger in Season 2, which has left the fans hopeful of what the third season has in store for the fans. If you are wondering if Netflix has canceled the show, be assured that you aren’t the only person.

We will discuss everything there is to know about Go Live Your Way Season 3, its release date, and its fate in the future.

When is Go Live Your Way Season 3 Releasing?

The first two seasons of Go Live Your Way have managed to bring a dedicated fanbase, who seem to be desperate about a third season. However, there seems to be no information about what’s next.

Netflix hasn’t greenlit the show for a third season yet, which is quite disappointing, to say the least. In April 2023, lead actress Pilar Pascual posted an Instagram photo with the caption “Go! Season 3?”, prompting a frenzy of speculation.

Besides that, the show’s creator Sebastian Mellino has also shared his wish to continue the show and release a third season. However, despite all the insights that we have at the moment, we seem to have no information about what’s next.

While these glimpses aren’t guaranteed, they paint a picture of ongoing interest and dedication. We’d have to wait to see what’s next in store.

What can we expect from Go Live Your Way Season 3?

Should “Go Live Your Way” return, what can we expect? Season 2 concluded with a major shake-up – Mía left Saint Mary, heartbroken and uncertain about her future. We can likely anticipate her grappling with her passion for music while navigating new experiences outside the familiar walls of the Academy. 

Meanwhile, her friends and rivals at Saint Mary will face their challenges and choices, navigating relationships, pursuing dreams, and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of teenage life. Romance will undoubtedly remain a central theme, with existing couples facing tests and new sparks potentially igniting. 

The show’s signature musical numbers also promise to keep our toes tapping, showcasing the characters’ growth and emotional turmoil through catchy tunes and energetic choreography. 

Who is returning to Go Live Your Way Season 3?

If the show is renewed and it returns with Season 3, we can remain hopeful that the main cast will return, including:

  • Pilar Pascual as Mía Cáceres 
  • El Purre as Álvaro Achával 
  • Renata Toscano Bruzón as Lupe Achával 
  • Santiago Saez as Juanma 
  • Bautista Lena as Martín 
  • Majo Cardozo as Agustina 
  • Carolina Domenech as Lola 
  • Carmela Barsamián as Zoe 
  • Paulo Sánchez Lima as Simon 
  • Majo Chicar as Sofía 
  • Gastón Ricaud as Ramiro Achával 
  • Antonella Carabelli as Olivia


Go Live Your Way Season 3 is rumored to have been canceled by Netflix already. So, if you are waiting for more news, it looks like the wait will be slightly longer than we had anticipated in the first place. At this point, it is all a waiting game, so, let’s see what Netflix has in store.


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