Genius Season 4 – What Does the Future Hold?

Genius Season 4

The critically acclaimed anthology series “Genius” returns for its fourth season, promising a powerful exploration of two iconic figures in American history: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. 

If you have finished watching the life story and history of other geniuses in the first three seasons, it is only a matter of time before you get to witness a lot more in the upcoming season of the show. Unlike the previous seasons that focused on one personality, the fourth season will explore two.

A lot is in store with Genius Season 4, so if you are excited and curious to know what’s next, we have sorted out all the details for you in this guide.

When is Genius Season 4 Releasing?

Although the majority of what’s going to happen in Season 4 has been revealed, the official release date remains a mystery. That said, we do know for a fact that it is happening in 2024. So, if you are waiting for the official release, we’d recommend you hold onto your horses right now.

Also, if the creators and network follow the same release pattern as the previous three seasons, there are high chance that the fourth season will be released in the first quarter of 2024. Rumors depict a February 2024 release.

With so much production and post-production work involved, it makes sense that the creators are taking their time perfecting the show before they release it to the audience. You’d have to remain a bit patient with the release now.

What can we expect from Genius Season 4?

Unlike previous seasons, which focused on single individuals, “Genius: MLK/X” adopts a dual narrative, weaving together the stories of King and X from their formative years to their pivotal moments in the fight for equality. 

We’ll witness King’s rise from a gifted student to a charismatic preacher, his early struggles for justice, and the development of his nonviolent resistance philosophy. In parallel, we’ll see Malcolm X’s journey from a street hustler to a powerful advocate for Black nationalism, exploring his fiery speeches and his unwavering commitment to self-defense.

This season promises to be a complex and thought-provoking examination of the movement’s internal tensions and diverse approaches. Expect to see the interplay between King’s calls for integration and X’s emphasis on Black self-determination, as well as the personal struggles and sacrifices both men faced

Who is returning to Genius Season 4?

Now, the question of the hour is, what will the cast look like? Since Genius is an anthology series, the cast keeps on changing every season.

The fourth season is expected to have:

  • Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Aaron Pierre as Malcolm X 
  • Charles Wright as Coretta Scott King 
  • Ashley Judd as Betty Shabazz 
  • David Oyelowo as J. Edgar Hoover


Genius Season 4 packs in a lot of interesting elements about history and the life of Martin Luther King Jr. that many didn’t know about. If you are intrigued, hold onto your horses because the release is likely going to happen in the next few months.


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