Geisha Kyd Net Worth 2024 – How Wealthy is the Dominican AV Actress?

Geisha Kyd Net Worth

In a world where people are now relying on digital means to earn a steady income, Geisha Kyd is a name that deserves special mention. Geisha is an emerging Dominican AV actress and social media personality that has been gaining extensive traction in her career.

Geisha gained a lot of fame and popularity within a few years of her being in this career. Her roles and versatility in front of the camera are one of the reasons why she has managed to gain a lot of traction in her career.

If you are a big fan of Geisha and have been wondering about her early life and her career growth, we will discuss more of that in this article.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Geisha Kyd
Birth Date May 13, 1991
Age 32
Country of Origin Dominican Republic
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $100,000
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2024

Early Life

Geisha Kyd was born on May 13, 1991, in the Dominican Republic to a humble family. She is a Taurian and people close to her called her by the nickname of Geshaqyad. We couldn’t find any insights about Geisha’s parents, especially their name and their profession.

But, given that Geisha grew up with all the staple needs as a child, it is safe to say that her parents have supported her from the very beginning. Owing to the current profession that Geisha is in, she prefers keeping her family’s identity secrete.

Growing up, Geisha was not only surrounded by a lot of love and care, but she was also quite great academically. She wasn’t at the top of her class but she was a good student and she even took her career quite seriously.

Not only her parents, there’s not much information about Geisha’s siblings. We don’t have any confirmation whether or not she has any siblings or not. Since Geisha loved being in front of the camera as a child, it is no wonder she has emulated that into her career now.

Personal Life

When looking into the personal life of Geisha Kyd, we, unfortunately, couldn’t find anything, especially related to her love life. Geisha prefers keeping things about her dating life and relationships to herself, especially because she respects the privacy of the people she surrounds herself with. Despite being a social media personality, Geisha doesn’t share much about her life in real-time.

Geisha Kyd


Geisha’s entry into the adult entertainment industry didn’t happen right away. Instead, she started her career in the entertainment industry as a fashion model.

Finding her footing in the career, Geisha knew that she would be able to make it big in the said career, which is when she started focusing on her networking. It was her agent that connected her to one of the producers in the AV industry.

After auditioning, Geisha landed her debut video, which somehow managed to gain a lot of traction, bringing in millions of views. With the initial popularity in her career, Geisha managed to secure a few other videos with leading productions like 21S, R. The Names of Kings, etc.

Not just in the adult videos, Geisha has established her name in the social media scene with her popular accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans too.

Geisha posts exclusive videos and content on OnlyFans and has a recurring subscription fee for her fans and subscribers. Her OnlyFans account isn’t available elsewhere. 

Net Worth

Geisha Kyd has an estimated net worth of $100,000, which she has earned from her career in the AV industry. Her financial status is gradually improving, with special thanks to her OnlyFans account and the brand endorsements that she does over on her social media accounts. We don’t have much idea about her properties or car collection if she has any.


1. What kind of brands does Geisha work with?

Geisha doesn’t have an extensive following on her social media platforms so she doesn’t collaborate much with brands. She mainly uses Instagram to post her images and videos.

2. Does Geisha Kyd post subscriber requests on OnlyFans?

Geisha is quite picky about the content she posts on her OnlyFans account. So, while she posts subscriber requests, it seems to be sporadic.

3. Where can I watch Geisha Kyd’s videos?

Geisha’s videos are generally available on the website of the official production that she shot the videos with. You can do a quick Google search to simplify the work for yourself.