Frontier Season 4: Is the Show Cancelled or Can We Expect a 4th Season?

Frontier Season 4

Released way back in 2018, Frontier has been able to retain its position in the hearts of its viewers. Even after quite a few years of the last season of Frontier, fans have not been able to let go of the idea of a potential 4th season of Frontier entirely. 

One reason behind this is that some recent news had been doing the rounds hinting towards a revival of the show. How far are all these news true and plausible? Let’s find out. 

What is the release date of Frontier season 4?

The popularity that Frontier enjoys is based mostly on the interesting revelations it commits regarding American and Canadian history. Apart from that, the fact that Jason Momoa plays the protagonist’s role also attracts several fans from across the globe. 

These fans are now desperate to know whether or not season 4 of Frontier is in production or if it ever will be. Neither Netflix nor the makers of the show have confirmed the release of Frontier season 4, but they have not really canceled or called off the show either. The fans sure hope that the host platform or the makers of the series will soon come up with an official announcement. 

What could be the plot of Frontier season 4?

The series is set in the backdrop of the 1700s. The story revolves around Deacon Harp who is involved in the fur trade and attempts to excel at it. A lot of politics takes place in this series. Politics and history build the very foundation of this series.

An interesting fact about Frontier is that the protagonist of the series resides on the negative side. Season 3 left the audience in a lot of pain when the series showed an intense and disruptive dispute between Hudson Bay Company and Deacon. That is an issue that the series has yet to conclude.

If and when a season 4 of Frontier is released it would be interesting to note how many of the ambitious New Year resolutions that Deacon had set for himself would he be able to conquer. This could be an angle that the upcoming season could explore. 

What would the cast of Frontier Season 4 look like?

The cast of Frontier is one of the best things about the series. Even though there is no trailer available for students’ side or even days the characters and the actors who would feature in a probable season 4 of Frontier, it is expected that the basic cast would remain the same.

  • Jason Momoa as Deacon
  • Landon Liboiron as Landon Liboiron
  • Zoe Boyle as Zoe Boyle
  • Greg Bryk as Greg Bryk
  • Jessica Matten as Jessica Matten
  • Allan Hawco as Allan Hawco
  • Lyla Porter-Follows as Lyla Porter-Follows
  • Michael Patric as Michael Patric
  • Alun Armstrong as Alun Armstrong
  • Diana Bentley as Diana Bentley
  • Breanne Parhiala as Breanne Parhiala
  • Paul Ewan Wilson as Paul Ewan Wilson
  • Shawn Doyle as Shawn Doyle
  • Paul Fauteux as Paul Fauteux


Frontier would feature in one of the top suggestions in your list if you are a fan of an action-adventure series that is set in the background of rich historical drama. The plot that it has built and the actors who support and do justice to the plot made a brilliant team.

Fans keep hoping that someday soon they will again be able to witness the magic of this team on screen. However, they need to keep holding on to their patience for a while longer till either Netflix or the creators of Frontier come up with an official announcement. 


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